Life and Business Coach

Life Coaching

I help women who want to get back in the driver’s seat of their life learn to navigate past the roadblocks in themselves, their relationships, or their careers.

Business Coaching

Most small businesses feel confused and intimidated by online marketing.

I provide a personalized, step-by-step internet marketing strategy, so you:

  • get found by those who need your services
  • build relationships by nurturing your followers
  • dramatically increase your sales

Whether you’re an author, travel agent, dentist, bookkeeper, counselor, Etsy shop owner, or run a mom and pop store, I’ll guide you through the bewildering maze of internet marketing so you have more time doing what you love in your business.

Legacy Coaching

God gave you a life. Let’s make it a legacy.

Work with me. I’ll help you discover and share your wisdom, values, beliefs and insights with those you love.

Your spiritual legacy is UNIQUE. No one else has the same life experiences and relationship with Jesus as you do. But how do you cook up those goodies and share them so those you care about HEAR you … now and long after you’re gone?

I bring my skills as a pastor, counselor, author, speaker, and teacher to the table. Add in my job description as Mom and Grandma—yep, I’ve got you covered.

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