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Let’s get you back in the driver’s seat of your life

So you can navigate past the roadblocks in your mind, emotions, and relationships

Life isn’t how it was when you were young.

Our world is rapidly changing, and many of those changes don’t feel safe.

You wonder where you fit, what your purpose is now, and how to adjust gracefully.

New challenges confront you. Some of them drain your mental energy and mess with your emotions.

Some of them break your heart.

Wounds from the past haunt you at unexpected times and influence how you relate to yourself, others, and God.

Plus, your children and grandchildren are marinating in a culture that sabotages the values you hold dear. This concerns you.

And your faith? You’re missing God’s peace that passes understanding and the faith that moves mountains. 

Let’s change that!

My husband and I came to Susan for counseling because our son was struggling with gender identity. He had recently told us he was gay. I love my son unconditionally, but we struggled with tricky details of not compromising the Word of God. As has always been my experience with Susan, she helped us get to a place where we could healthily navigate this situation and not need help with every new issue that related to it. Susan has a way of using the Bible, her extensive experience and a gentle, yet firm, manner of growing people, so you are equipped with tools to deal with the next hurdle... because the hurdles do keep coming!
Alison Michel
Keaau, Hawaii

What to expect if you decide to work with me:

Let’s see if I’ve got what you need. Schedule 15 minutes to see if this is right for you.

During your Discovery Call we’ll discuss:

  • What problem you’d like help with
  • What results you want to see from coaching
  • What to expect during a session
  • Any questions you’d like to ask

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What others are saying:

I contacted Susan because my husband had cheated on me resulting in a divorce. Through Susan's coaching I experienced forgiveness towards my ex-husband and the anger and bitterness ended. I appreciated Susan's very practical materials and the measurable progress I made towards emotional health.
43 year old woman
(wishes to remain anonymous)
Susan coached me during a very stressful and difficult time in my life. She provided love and insight so that I could once again focus on Jesus and Jesus only. Susan answered all my questions and concerns while gently pointing me to Him. My relationship with the Lover of my Soul strengthened because she didn’t become the door to Him but simply the guide to the door.
Francie Coon
Alturas, CA
I sought coaching because I wrestled with inner questions about life changes and giving myself permission to grow. My favorite part of working with Susan is her ease in responses. As a coach, she carefully listens and provides an intelligent, sensitive, and guided response. Her answer or question leads to the next step of reflective thought. This new information builds the conversation you're having with Susan. She is very personal; there is no "by the book" response. I felt my sessions were generously paced as Susan invested herself in my "thought wandering." I was consistently offered a motivating, if not provoking reply. Susan offers sound reasoning, faith, and fundamentals that affirm and challenge the growth I am responsible for nurturing.
Laurie Sherman
Carpinteria, CA

Let’s see if I’ve got what you need.

Schedule 15 minutes to see if this is right for you.