The Legacy Lounge

The LEGACY LOUNGE is an membership site exclusively for Christian women over the age of 50.

It offers 3 Tiers of extensive life coaching to help you refresh, refocus, and rediscover yourself and God.

TIER 1 – FREE MEMBERSHIP, with free challenges and courses

TIER 2 – SUBSCRIPTION MEMBERSHIP, which bundles together a:

Soul Care Spa

Library of courses

Gathering Place

TIER 3 – COACHING MEMBERSHIP, featuring Group and 1-on-1 Life Coaching


Help I'm stuck with these people for the rest of eternity!

Help, I’m Stuck With These People For the Rest of Eternity

How to get along with Christians who drive you nuts!

Spiritual legacies are built through relationships. This book will show you how to live peaceably with the nice, and the not-so-nice, folks in your life and enable you to deposit a spiritual legacy while you do.

Intercessors God's End-time Vanguard

Intercessors, God’s End-time Vanguard: How to Pray Effectively For the Things That Matter Most

Learn how to pray, how to hear the voice of God, and what it means to leave a legacy of prayer.

Eternal Foundations for a New Generation workbooks

Eternal Foundations For a New Generation series

The greatest legacy you can leave with children is the Word of God. It will shape their lives for all eternity.

This hands-on Bible curriculum for kids not only teaches, it disciples.

Great for parents, grandparents, and children’s ministries.



If you’ve never hosted a Camp Grandma or Cousins camp, start with a simple 2 day-1 night event.

Download this printable PDF with a pre-camp planning timeline, menu, and schedule.

Here you’ll find the companion details on how to plan a short Camp Grandma to go along with the photos and ideas shared in my blog posts.