Faith in God can change your world. Here you’ll find the tools for living life on purpose and building a legacy of faith.

Become your best

— with resources to cultivate your relationships, prayer life, and personal walk with God.

Impact your world

— discover creative ideas you can use everyday to inspire those you live and work among.

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  • Will you leave something more than fond memories or financial investments behind when you step into eternity?
  • What are the most important things about Jesus that you want your family and friends to learn from watching you deal with the ups and downs of life? … How will that happen?

Let your faith in God make a difference …

          … build your legacy of faith with a legacy coach

Wondering what a legacy coach is and if I qualify?

  • Check out my credentials on my About page, learn what kind of coffee I drink, and how I can help you build a legacy of faith.

Not sure how your faith in God transforms into a legacy you can deposit with others?

Connections are important to me because a legacy of faith is built through relationships.

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It’s all about Jesus, and I’m excited to share the journey with you.

Susan Gaddis

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