What Is a Spiritual Legacy?

A spiritual legacy is a legacy of faith. Like many people, you probably want to impact your world with your life. And you are impacting your world—even if you don’t realize it.

What comes to mind when you think of the following people?

  • Hitler
  • Mother Teresa
  • President Nixon
  • Billy Graham

These people impacted others during their lifetime and left an impression for those who hear their stories. Some good. Some bad. They created a legacy whether they intended to or not. So are you. So why not choose to leave a legacy that counts for eternity?

Build a legacy of faith with Susan Gaddis

A spiritual legacy is all about your relationship with the Lord—the stories of your past and present walk with Jesus given to the future.

These stories acknowledge the bad times, but combine them with the good that God creates in and through you. It is the Jesus experiences you share and the memories you create that impact people’s lives for eternity.

Your spiritual legacy is like a baton that you begin to pass on to the next generation even while you live. Your family, friends, co-workers, and neighbors can grab onto this baton and run with it now and long after your portion of the race is finished.

Your legacy of faith consists of:

  • The stories and first hand observations of how you responded to life’s difficulties
  • How you celebrated, how you worshipped
  • How you prayed
  • How you made a difference in the lives of others
  • How you conquered your bad attitudes and habits
  • How you handled disappointments
  • What you did with your finances
  • How you talked about people
  • How you treated your family and others

smiling volunteer

What will the record of your life journey look like? What are your stories of God in your journey? If those who follow you do not know your journey, how will they have a legacy to grab on to?

How will they know what was treasure and what were toys in your life?

Will they understand what was surface and what was substance in your experiences?

How will they know the God who wants to walk their paths with them?

A spiritual legacy should be a clear record of your walk of faith, communicating that living for Jesus and being empowered by his grace is more than enough.

What are the most important things about Jesus that you would like your friends and family to learn from your life? How will that happen?

Family memories

God gave you a life. Let’s make it a legacy!

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