I know you’ve fought your dragons and faced your fears.

You’re working on living a life of faith, and you’re absolutely in love with Jesus. Right?

Yet you long to hear the Lord whisper in your ear, glean His direction in the midst of struggle, and you’re passionate to see more answers to prayer.

Let’s be honest. We could all use more of God’s solutions in our life and less of our own “fix-it” mistakes.

And wouldn’t you like to know what Jesus plans to do about the latest situation that’s got you weary, frustrated, needing an answer, or maybe even breaking your heart?

Maybe you’re dying to have God laugh with you, dance with you, and plan adventures together with you… but you’re not confident enough to know how that happens.

In this online video course you’ll learn how to listen for God’s voice AND how to hear Him through 16 different ways that He speaks…

…because if you know how to hear the voice of God, the rest of your Christian life falls into place.

I don’t want you to miss out on ANYTHING Jesus has for you so I’m INVITING YOU to an 8-week course in How to Master the Art of Hearing God’s Voice.

I’m so amped about this. If this invitation is making you long for more of Jesus… then say “Yes!”

Because I’d like to invite you to become a subscription member of


Where you can build your own Soul Care Program:

  • A SOUL CARE SPA: monthly videos and downloads for weekly soul care
  • A LIBRARY OF COURSES containing both free and to-purchase courses (including How to Master the Art of Hearing God’s Voice)

I hope you’ll join me!