Help! I'm Stuck With These People For the Rest of Eternity!

How to get along with Christian People Who Drive You Nuts!

Someone once said that ministry and church life would be great if it weren’t for the people.

But, because believers are people (who are stuck together for the rest of eternity), we might as well learn how to relate properly to each other here and now.

Help, I’m Stuck With These People for the Rest of Eternity! explores the Bible as a how-to-instruction manual for eternal relationships.

Help I'm stuck with these people for the rest of eternity!

Within the covers of this book, you will:

  • Uncover the secret to offense-free relationships
  • Acquire insight to help identify, process, and resolve relationship problems
  • Read real-life stories designed to help you build healthier relationships
  • Receive practical advice for healing past wounds and injustices
  • Glean tips for improving communication skills
  • Learn proven techniques for making a church a safe place
  • Discover practical suggestions for encouraging others during tough times
  • Explore exercises to promote personal growth
  • Engage with application questions at the end of each chapter

Full of Christian advice on healthy relationship characteristics and making relationships work, this book will show you how to live peaceably with the nice, and the not-so-nice, folks in your life.

Here's what you'll gain from reading

Help, I'm Stuck With These People for the Rest of Eternity!

  • A firmer sense of identity, security, and worth, because you will have identified and given attention to the areas where you are lacking Jesus Christ as your foundation for life.
  • Less stress, because you’ll know how to process offenses.
  • More confidence, because you’ll understand what to do in difficult people situations.
  • Better interactions with authorities in your life, because you’ll understand the three types of authority and how to relate to each.
  • Stronger friendships, because you’ll understand the different levels of friendship and the responsibilities that come with each.
  • Greater compassion, because you’ll know how to help someone through the grieving process.
  • Richer church experiences, because you’ll recognize the four vital signs and practices of a healthy church.

I like a book that I can utilize in everyday life. Like a dictionary for relationships, 'Help, I’m Stuck With These People for the Rest of Eternity' is a user-friendly guidebook for any person seeking to care about and live peaceably with those loveable and the not-so-loveable. Buy it, give it, and keep it handy!

Designed for personal growth, Help, I’m Stuck With These People for the Rest of Eternity! is also excellent for discipleship, Bible study groups, leadership development, ministry training, and home groups.

Once again, Sue Gaddis has done an excellent job in communicating what is still the most central theme of the New Testament epistles—loving one another. Where there’s little love, there’s much junk! Thank you, Sue, for driving home a crucial message for the whole body of Christ. Read this book!

Here's What Pastors and Leaders can expect from using:

Help, I'm Stuck With These People for the Rest of Eternity!

  • Committed members, which means a stronger, loving church community.
  • Emotionally healthy people—which means that those healed from life’s abuses, disappointments, sins, and failures can help others.
  • People who know how to process offense and move in reconciliation and restoration—which means they don’t leave the church or need to call a leader every time they have a problem with someone.
  • Trained under-shepherds—which means there are more people to help you shepherd the flock God has assigned to you.
  • Church worship teams, prayer teams, and committees that get along together and communicate—which means more kingdom work gets done.
  • Folks reaching out to help others who are going through a difficult time—which means others are helping you carry the burden of ministry.
  • A church that is welcoming, friendly, and caring—which means your church will have a reputation for making Jesus famous in your community.

Susan Gaddis is a woman of excellence and honesty who gives real life experiences of other people as well as her own to help you and I to have godly relationships. Susan simply unfolds the Scriptures and brings it down to a level we all can relate to and understand. I highly recommend 'Help, I’m Stuck With These People for the Rest of Eternity,' for all pastors, leaders, or anyone who desires to live as Christ.

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