Eternal Foundations for a New Generation

The greatest legacy you can give your children is the Word of God. It will shape their lives long after they leave your home.

Yet, statistics indicate that 75% of children who grow up in a Christian home do not hold a Christian worldview as they move into adulthood. Some believe that Christianity is just one generation away from extinction. The Eternal Foundations for a New Generation series provides the discipleship tools you need to counter that negative trend.

  • Envision your children and grandchildren confidently grounded in biblical theology and serving God long into their elder years—your spiritual legacy.
  • Join homeschoolers and children’s ministries all over the world who use this series written by a homeschooling mother, author, and pastor’s wife with over 25 years of experience in teaching her six children.
  • Relax! Easy to use, The Eternal Foundations for a New Generation series appeals to the whole family and establishes the foundations for a lifetime of serving Christ. This Bible curriculum for kids not only teaches, it disciples.

I want to know that I have done everything I can to equip my children to handle the temptations and influences of the world. Using this series gave me that assurance. – a mom from New York

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My husband loves this curriculum because he can pick it up and easily teach a lesson in 20 minutes. Bible time has become bonding time for him and the kids. – a California mom

What Eternal Foundations for a New Generation Offers:

  • Adaptable Bible curriculum for kids—which means each ebook in this series easily fits into different environments such as homeschooling, children’s ministry, Christian school, family devotionals, or a family-oriented homegroup.
  • Cost effective—which means you save money when you’re running on a tight budget. Only one ebook is needed to teach an entire classroom. All you add is a Bible for each child and a few items found in every household. Activity pages are reproducible. $12.00 covers the cost of curriculum for a class of two children or a class of forty.
  • Age-integrated—which means a mixture of age groups can be taught together. A parent or teacher can teach a lesson to one or more children in grades two through six in only 20 minutes a day. Teens are encouraged to become “a teacher,” therefore better integrating the material into their lives as they teach their younger siblings. Preschoolers like to be included in the discussions, memory work, and illustrating tasks.
  • Family centered—which means the whole family can enjoy the study and discussions together.
  • Variety of teaching techniques—which means the material is easily remembered. The material in each lesson caters to several learning styles in the way the material is presented and acted upon.

I’m so glad you’ve made these into ebooks I can download here in Brazil. Now I don’t have to wait weeks to get my Bible curriculum.– a missionary

A great children’s Bible study for age-integrated children’s ministries

The Eternal Foundations for a New Generation curriculum is rich in quality, user friendly, and can be easily adapted for various ages and settings. At our church children’s ministries we have found this curriculum to be an excellent tool for discipling our children. I highly recommend Susan’s curriculum for anyone who desires their children to know Jesus and be equipped for God’s kingdom. –Valerie Sizemore, Jr. Church Facilitator, Atascadero, CA

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Your site is a valuable source for homeschooling material and Christian Sunday school curriculum for children. As a pastor’s wife of a small church, I’ve needed resources that can do double duty. – a pastor’s wife from Washington

Frequently Asked Questions

Why does this series take a systematic approach teaching the foundations of faith?

It is our conviction that only two things go with us to heaven: our relationships with other believers and the Word of God that has been engrafted in our hearts. Both are used by the Holy Spirit to mold us into the image of Jesus, and both are designed to last for eternity. Because this is true, it should be the foundation of all that we build our lives or our children’s lives upon! Our children are eternal people. They need eternal foundations.

Now, we know you are aware of your responsibility to disciple your own children, or you wouldn’t be reading about this ebook! Like us, you have used several different devotional books with your children and attempted to have regular Bible reading together. Deuteronomy 6:4–9 is plastered on your doorpost, right?

We found that everything we used for teaching the Bible was helpful, but something centered on doctrinal themes was required. We wanted to be secure in knowing that our children had the basics of their faith as a foundation for life. So, we decided to put together a Bible curriculum for kids that would provide us with a systematic approach to teaching the foundations of faith. These ebooks are the result.

What subjects do the ebooks cover?

There are 30 lessons in each ebook that cover the basic foundations of Christianity through Best Friends Forever (relationship with Jesus), Notes From Our Savior (God’s Word), Sharing Secrets With God (prayer), and The World is Waiting (justice and Christian service).

Each lesson builds upon the material that comes before and should be presented in sequence. If you feel your child already has a grasp on a certain truth, use that lesson material to increase his confidence in its application. There is no way you can over emphasize these foundational doctrines!

You will find that some lessons will bring new understanding; others will be review. All provide an opportunity to dialogue with your children and work on personal application of the Scriptures.

Emphasis is placed on God’s Word and how a person is to relate to God and to others. Our goal is to encourage you and your children to know, understand, and apply the Scriptures to life situations and relationships.

How is this curriculum organized?

Lessons are located in the first section of the ebook. Activity Pages for the lessons are found in the second section. Memory Verse materials are located after the Table of Contents.

Three of the ebooks in this series include a “backward quiz” or review lesson where the child turns the tables and tests the teacher to see if the parent or teacher knows the material they have been teaching.

Each ebook in the series concludes with choices for individual projects that reinforce what the student has learned and offers opportunity to share the information with family and friends.

How are the lessons structured?

Each lesson is organized in an easy-to-use format that incorporates different teaching techniques. The text in each lesson is designed to be read aloud. Directions for the parent and answers to questions are in italics and are not to be read aloud. Each lesson contains the following:

PREPARATION: Review the lesson and collect any indicated materials needed for the lesson (items easily found around your home). You may read the lesson off your computer as a PDF file or you may print it out. Many families print this ebook and place it in a binder.

Print or photocopy the Activity Page for the lesson, making sure you have one copy per child. Write any vocabulary words on flash cards. The vocabulary words are usually Bible terms that aren’t used in everyday language. They are important to know if your child is to understand his Bible and the basics of Christian theology.

INTRODUCTION: Each lesson contains a short introduction to capture the attention of your children. Some introductions will focus on a fun review of the material that has previously been studied.

LESSON: The main body of the lesson includes short teachings plus lots of discussion questions to get you and your children involved with the Bible and applying it to life. Everything is written out for you to present.

ACTIVITY PAGE: Each lesson has a corresponding activity page that is located in the second half of the manual. Activity pages are used to introduce, reinforce, or apply the biblical principle being taught. Do not hand out the activity page until instructed to do so in the lesson. Each child should keep his completed activity pages in a notebook for review at the end of the study of this manual. It is best to print these activity pages for each child before you begin the course.

WHIZ KIDS: Most lessons contain additional activities for 4th–6th graders. These should be assigned after the regular lesson activity has been completed.

IN YOUR BIBLE: We want to get your children into their Bibles and marking them up! Children highlight Scriptures (using colored highlighter pens) that correspond to salvation (pink), personal responsibilities (green), God’s promises (blue), or warnings (yellow). Each child will need his or her own Bible.

KID TALK: Another teaching technique used in this material is the narration by your child (in his/her own words) of the material taught in each lesson. This allows you, the parent, to evaluate how much your child has understood the lesson. It also reinforces the lesson in your child’s mind.

ANSWER KEY: An answer key for each question on the activity page is located at the end of each lesson.

MEMORY WORK AND PRAYER: Each lesson concludes with Bible memory work and praying together. A Memory Verse Poster is provided for you to photocopy for each child. You decide which verses your child will memorize and at what pace.

Choose which Scriptures you want your child to learn off the chart provided, and then list the first one (or all of them) on your child’s Memory Verse Poster. A Memory Verse Certificate may be handed out at the end when all memory work is completed. A Memory Verse Poster and a Memory Verse Certificate are included.

UNIT PROJECT: This manual concludes with a choice of projects (Lesson 30) to reinforce the focus of the manual. Your child may complete one or all of the projects.

May I photocopy the Activity Pages and Memory Verse materials for use outside my immediate family?

Photocopying is limited to your own children or class. Please purchase one ebook for each classroom if you wish to use this material for a Christian school or church educational program.

What other supplies will I need besides this ebook series?

Each child will need his own Bible, highlighter pens (pink, green, blue, yellow), pencils, crayons, and a folder for his completed Activity Pages. A few other household items will be needed and are listed in each lesson under the PREPARATION heading.

Can I use this curriculum with other Bible study materials?

Of course! Incorporate this material into other studies or add comments from other sources to these lessons. Use it however you find most beneficial.

How can I involve my younger children in this study?

Preschool children enjoy drawing pictures of the lesson theme and participating in the discussions. Bible memorization comes easily to young children, so photocopy a Memory Verse Poster for them also.

How can I involve my teenager in this study?

Teens learn best by doing, so involve your teenager in teaching the lesson to your younger children. If all your children are teenagers, consider using my book, Help, I’m Stuck With These People For the Rest of Eternity as a discipleship manual for relationships in the Kingdom of God.

From what denominational slant is this material written?

We have worked very hard to make this material non-denominational, yet not “watered down.” We know we can’t please everyone, especially when it comes to Bible teaching; therefore, it is expected that you will change any wording with which you disagree. We want you to be in control of everything that is taught to your child.

Can I have a look inside before I buy?

Click HERE to download a free chapter and the Table of Contents from Book 2, Notes From Our Savior.

OK, I’d like to buy an ebook. What do I do?

Buy an ebook below, download, and begin using–it only takes a few minutes.

Best Friends Forever

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Notes from Our Savior


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Sharing Secrets With God


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The World is Waiting

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