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Celtic Christianity at Holy in the Daily
Celtic Christianity

Calvin Miller and the Son Who Became a One-Of-Us

One of my favorite books on Celtic spirituality is Celtic Daily Prayer: Prayers and Readings from the Northumbria Community. The following, from a January reading, has hugged me close. It’s taken from The Singer by Calvin Miller. In ‘The Singer’ Earthmaker and His Troubadour sit down on the outer rim

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Five Ways to Raise Self-Confident Teens

Five Ways to Raise Self-Confidence in Teenagers

I wish I had known how to raise self-confidence in my kids during their teen years—especially the older ones. I grew in my parenting skills with each child, and I had six. I’m getting better now that I have grandchildren. Many parents and grandparents don’t realize that they might be

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How Validation Can Change a Life
Age gracefully

How the Power of Validation Can Change a Life

The power of validation can change a life. Really. Unfortunately the power of invalidation can suck hope out of people’s lives, leaving them feeling insecure and depressed. But we don’t want to focus on the ugly today, so let’s see how easy it is to bring positive change to others.

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God Whispers When Evil Shouts
Death, grief, and heaven

When Evil Shouts, God Whispers

When evil shouts, God whispers. This week twenty children and seven adults were murdered at a Connecticut elementary school. On the same day a man slashed twenty-two children outside the gate of Chenpeng Village’s Wanquan Elementary School in China. Evil shouted. We wept. If a movie doesn’t have a happy

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Bigstock photo for how to help someone with cancer post at Holy in the Daily
Death, grief, and heaven

How to Help Someone With Cancer

Some years ago I battled colon cancer, and as a pastor, I’ve walked with many a friend on their cancer journey. It’s never easy to know what to say or how to help someone with cancer—the emotional and physical struggles can be confusing and scary for them and for those

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Tips for Quality Family Time on Holy in the Daily post from Susan Gaddis
Create your legacy

Ten Tips for Quality Family Time In the Late Afternoon

  Quality family time is probably the furthest thing from your mind in the late afternoon bustle of helping children with homework, attending soccer practice, and getting dinner on the table. But late afternoons are the best connection time of the day if you plan for it. Really. Trust me on

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sailing yacht used for passing from life to death parable at Holy in the Daily by Susan Gaddis
Death, grief, and heaven

What to Expect When Passing From Life to Death

Have you ever thought what it must be like passing from life to death? I’m in the middle of closing my dad’s estate, and sometimes I can get a little misty eyed. What began almost five years ago at his death is finally wrapping up. Dad really is gone. Actually,

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How a good sense of humor helps on a post by Susan Gaddis
Don't forget to laugh

How a Good Sense of Humor Can Land You a Job

A good sense of humor comes in handy when interviewing for a job. In this short clip, Jeanne Robertson shares how she hired her office assistant, Toni, based on humor and quick thinking. Grab your coffee, and enjoy a few minutes of laughter as you start your week. (If you received

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fireworks for a post on Here's What to Expect at God's 4th of July Party
Death, grief, and heaven

Here’s What to Expect At God’s 4th of July Party

There will be a lot of 4th of July parties this week, but the one I’m looking forward to is God’s 4th of July party. Celebrating the birth of our nation always gets me excited because it gets God excited. Why? Because the day we became a nation was the

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