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Five Creative Ideas for Dates { Thursday Therapy }

Need some creative ideas for dates? One of my pleasures in marriage counseling is to encourage couples to have a date night once a week. Since Valentine’s Day is a week away, I thought I would share five inexpensive date ideas. First you need to plan a date well—even the

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How to move forward in life
Personal Growth

How to Move Forward In Life When You Feel Stuck

Do you need to know how to move forward in life when you feel stuck? Have you placed a period in your life where God only meant to place a comma? Most of us feel trapped at times and wonder if our negative circumstances are ever going to change. We

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What To Do When You Are Missing All the Fun

Are you missing all the fun and feeling left out? Does everyone have the grand adventures while you do the boring tasks that allow them to save the world? We enjoyed lots of family time last week at Thanksgiving, but at 4:30 my husband took off to lead a team

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What God Thinks When You Are Not Feeling Good Enough

Do you ever wonder what God thinks when you’re not feeling good enough? You know what I mean. You just yelled at your kids, your boss is on your case for something, and dang, but you’ve done “that thing” again, which you swore you’d never repeat. You feel like the

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How to Let God Love You

Do you ever find it hard to let God love you? I know I have discouraging days when I wonder how God could ever love me, and I know I’m not alone. Those I counsel sometimes feel unloved and longing for the Father’s arms to wrap around them reassuring them

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How to Cleanse Your Mind With a Mind Detox

With all the detox programs available to cleanse our liver, colon, and kidneys, I thought I’d offer a mind detox overview to help you cleanse your mind. Why you need mind detox program God planned that all your mental musings would work in cooperation with his Spirit. Unfortunately toxic thinking

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Why Do Bad Things Happen? Walking in the Midst of Ugly

Why do bad things happen? People wound us, dreams shatter, and circumstances beyond our control park in our driveway. I call these seasons “ugly.” Yet God has called us to be overcomers. Guess what we are to be “overcoming?” Yep, you got it—the ugly. And here’s the catch: We only

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