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Simple Reminders for Living in a Crazy World

We’re living in a crazy world right now, aren’t we? Whether you’re facing a personal earthquake or feeling it in the not-normal happenings all over the news lately… “we’re not in Kansas anymore, Toto.” No matter where you stand politically, our nation is going through an identity crisis. And the

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Is Your Spiritual Arsenal Missing These Easter Weapons?

My prayer partner Vickie and I learned long ago that some of the most powerful weapons of spiritual warfare are virtues we seldom think of as weapons. For example, Satan can’t identify with humility and compassion. He doesn’t understand them and doesn’t know how to win a battle where they’re

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What’s a Falling Man to Do?

Aldo saw Martin fall. They’d been standing together on the high tower scaffolding when Martin slipped and fell off the scaffolding. Down he went … past the bottom of the scaffolding. Past his the other tower workers. Past the cathedral ceiling. Down … down …. It wasn’t suppose like this.

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Too Busy For God? 5 Tips to Daily Find the Holy

Two writing deadlines, a book review due, a Y.W.A.M. School of Ministry Development course on intercession to create, a house that looks like 8 grandkids have invaded it … oh, they did … two dogs who play “see how may things we can knock down as we race across the

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The Christian’s Secret to Dealing With Offensive People

Do you know offensive people who are unkind and mean—opposing political party members, insensitive relatives, cruel neighbors, or a jerk for a boss? Perhaps you feel unappreciated or unacknowledged by those you serve. Opportunities for offense are a common experience for a Christ follower. In fact, such opportunities are a

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What Makes Life Important post with the Ayers family at Holy in the Daily

What Makes Life Important When Views Collide

My view of what makes life important is challenged when someone doesn’t agree with me. Especially if their perspective lacks my obviously superior wisdom. *eyes roll* What makes life important to a child My friend, Sierra, recently offered three of my granddaughters a peach. By taking a bite, each girl

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