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Restful and refreshing self-care ideas to rest your weary soul.

How to make autumn cozy

This week, after a full day, I meandered into Trader Joes to pick up some of their autumn specialty items. You know, the Pumpkin Kringle that I freeze for our fall, family gatherings and the Pumpkin Ravioli that ALWAYS disappears before I can stock up on it.

After choosing a selection of yummy foods that would make a good “grazing dinner” paired with relaxing conversation — Harvest Soup, Pumpkin Cranberry Crisps, Chimay Autumn Cheese, Honeycrisp apples, dried fruits and nuts, and the Gluten-Free Pumpkin Bread mix—I headed home to have a cozy, fall evening with my family.

Fall has arrived, ladies, and I’m in my element!… Read the rest

How to carve out a few moments in time for yourself

Yesterday I carved out a few moments in time to stop and look at five boxes of books I’d packed up to take to the thrift store. Did I really want to get rid of each book?

“Yes,” I firmly answered myself. (I love books. I should have been a librarian.)

So far, so good. I figured I had about six more boxes to go.

It isn’t that I was moving anytime soon.

No, this was my way of retiring. Packing up all the books I wouldn’t need again. Pastoral books, church planting books, mission books, Bible commentaries… you get the idea.… Read the rest

10 Autumn Soul Breaks to Restore Your Soul

10 Autumn Soul Breaks to Restore Your Soul

You know how you feel when you’ve been going full blast all day…

…emotionally drained and struggling with muddled thinking, right? And forget having sharp decision-making skills… you lost those around 3:00 pm.

You need the calm of the Spirit to settle over your soul.

Yep, it’s time for an autumn soul break.

Science tells us that the brain needs a break about every 90 minutes or so.

It’s part of the natural rhythm of your body, called the ultradian rhythm. That rhythm is there whether you’re asleep or awake.

Not only does your brain need a break every 90 minutes, so does the rest of your soul—your emotions and the decision-making part of you… your will.… Read the rest

10 Refreshing Soul Breaks for Summer

10 Refreshing Soul Breaks for Summer

Carefree and easy summer days, right?

Not so much if your life is overfilled with fun activities, or you’re so busy getting ready for them that your soul care is neglected.

Adding anxiety or people drama to your day doesn’t help either.

But, hey, it happens to everyone. Moi included.

Yesterday, when I looked at my to-do list, I immediately wanted to go back to bed. My day was crammed with too many activities, responsibilities, and a drama queen.

My legacy depends on the grace and strength found only in Jesus.

Morning prayer and devotions wasn’t going to be enough to get me through this summer day feeling fresh, free, joyful, and connected to Jesus.… Read the rest

10 simple soul breaks to refresh your soul in winter

10 simple soul breaks to refresh your soul in winter

Winter is beautiful, but it can also sap the giggle out of your soul if gloomy days endlessly overshadow sunshine, your life is one long to-do list, you’re in a rut, you’re lonely, you’re “peopled-out”…

…or other such gray happenings.

Over the last two weeks the worst chest cold EVER invaded my life. It left me feeling totally “blah.”

Good news—I’m doing better because I purposely added some pleasure to sparkle up my day.

I’m talking about refreshing my soul. Care to join me?

Refresh your soul with a soul break

Soul breaks are short moments of time craved out of your day to connect with the Creator in doing something very simple, but creative—especially in winter when life often feels frozen.… Read the rest

10 best ways to give the gift of time to yourself and others

10 best ways to give the gift of time to yourself and others

The other day I received a phone call from a gentleman that immediately added stress to my life.

I sat there and imagined all the extra work and hours his information was about to add to my already busy life.

Thief! I felt like he had just entered my home and stole time away from me.

After musing in my mental mud for a while, I took a few minutes and jotted down exactly what and when things would have to be done for this man.

Then I called him back and explained what I was going to do.

Surprisingly, I felt better.… Read the rest

A Touch of Beauty to Nurture Your Spirit

A Touch of Beauty to Nurture Your Spirit

A touch of beauty to nurture your spirit

Invest in something eternal this year by nurturing your spirit. You need this more than the latest diet or supplement, because your spirit was made to last for eternity.

Our spirits are designed to lead our mind and emotions. But because we don’t nurture our spirits, we’re often unable to give our minds correct direction or give joy to our emotions. And we wonder why we’re an emotional mess at times!

Last month we looked at prayer and God’s word as ways to nurture your spirit. Today I want to urge you to nurture your spirit daily through beauty.

Nurture your spirit with beauty

Our spirits crave beauty. WeRead the rest

Untangle With Zentangle {Thursday Therapy}

Untangle With Zentangle {Thursday Therapy}

Some months ago my friend Katie Eubank Bachand introduced me to the simple art of Zentangle. I was hooked. I now suggest Zentangle to my counseling clients as a form of relaxation. And I think you might like it.

Zentangle is a form of doodling that helps calm and focus your mind, body, and emotions after a busy, cluttered day. It can be done anywhere and is super easy for the non-artistic type like me. No talent needed. Really.

Zentangle 2 by Susan Gaddis

When one “tangles,” stress slips away. It’s simple, fun, and incorporates your drawing mistakes into a beautiful piece of art. (Just like God does with the mistakes you make in your life.)… Read the rest

Grab Your Dancing Shoes For a Round With Celtic Thunder!

Grab Your Dancing Shoes For a Round With Celtic Thunder!

If you’ve hung around this blog very long, you know how much I love Celtic Christianity and Celtic music. So today we’re gonna check in with Celtic Thunder singing “A Place In the Choir.” Grab your dancin’ shoes and let’s start this week off with some fun!

Now, admit it. Wasn’t that a great way to start your work week! (And big thanks to Nanci Clifford for passing this along to me.)

Now—get back to work—and do avoid dancing on your desk. Folks might think it’s Friday.

Let’s connect on Thursday. Susan

“Jesus likes it when we share.” -Adelaide, age 3: Pass this along to everybody and their brother.… Read the rest

Evolution of Music to Rock Your Week

Evolution of Music to Rock Your Week

Hello Monday, let’s get this week off to a amazing start. Evolution of Music by Pentatonix is a fun acapella anthology of songs through the ages. You need this because it is Monday and you are still adjusting to going back to work. Right? I thought so. You deserve a smile and a coffee, but I’m out of Starbucks cards, so Evolution of Music will have to do. It will rock your week!

Hello Monday! Hello Evolution of Music!

What are your favorite songs from any age in history? Yes, you’ll probably give away your age with this, but what the heck, who cares.… Read the rest

Hello Gardening for Spiritual Growth!

Hello Gardening for Spiritual Growth!

Soul breaks and spiritual growth gardening. It’s a great combination.

Yep, this is my backyard. And yes, I’m workin’ on it. It’s going to take time, sweat, and some creativity. Dang. Kinda like my life. It’s needs tending. Is that prophetic? Or is that pathetic? Actually both.

Spring is rushing into summer here on the Central Coast of California, and my spiritual garden needs revamping.

yard tools for spiritual growth

Here’s the latest yard maintenance stuff I’m using in the backyard. I haven’t even gotten to new plants yet. We’re at the rip out and prune stage, as well as weed whacking and getting some wood chips and weed prevention down.… Read the rest