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A touch of beauty to nurture your spirit
Soul Breaks

A Touch of Beauty to Nurture Your Spirit

Invest in something eternal this year by nurturing your spirit. You need this more than the latest diet or supplement, because your spirit was made to last for eternity. Our spirits are designed to lead our mind and emotions. But because we don’t nurture our spirits, we’re often unable to give

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Ancient Words Nurture Your Spirit

Ancient Words to Nurture Your Spirit at Christmas

Words that nurture your spirit…don’t you just love it when you read something in your daily devotional and it soars up out of your spirit to sparkle your day? Kinda reminds me of Isaiah 40:31 where we “mount up with wings like eagles” and see a bigger picture of our

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When It's Time For Reflections of the Heart
Experiencing Jesus

When It’s Time For Reflections Of the Heart

The holidays approach. That means two months of busy that make running a marathon look like relief. I want to avoid the busy. When I get too rushed I miss the Jesus moments tucked in among the sparkle and glitter. And if I do notice Jesus, I’m often too tired

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Never Trust a Puppet

I spent this past weekend with a bunch of crazy women who love Jesus. And I’m still recovering. However, the crazy is still hanging on. So today I grabbed a video (Never Trust a Puppet) shared by the husband of one of my odd friends—about a mother’s legacy. Enjoy the

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Christian Cuss Words on a post by Susan Gaddis
Don't forget to laugh

Christian Cuss Words You Need to Know

This week finds me finishing up last minute to-do lists for our Father’s House Forever Girlfriends retreat next weekend. So, again, I’m super busy. And trying to avoid being overwhelmed and cranky. (sheepishly lowers eyes) I decided it was the perfect time to share 101 Christian Cuss Words by Tim

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Everyday Gratitude post with youtube gratitude video at Holy in the Daily blog
Quiet Moments

Everyday Gratitude

Summer’s passing and Autumn’s beginning to cast her golden colors across our cottonwood trees. Hot apple cider comes to mind. As does gratitude. And the wisdom of Winnie-the-Pooh: “Piglet noticed that even though he had a Very Small Heart, it could hold a rather large amount of Gratitude.” – A.A.

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Zentangle 3 by Susan Gaddis
Soul Breaks

Untangle With Zentangle {Thursday Therapy}

Some months ago my friend Katie Eubank Bachand introduced me to the simple art of Zentangle. I was hooked. I now suggest Zentangle to my counseling clients as a form of relaxation. And I think you might like it. Zentangle is a form of doodling that helps calm and focus your

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Grab Your Dancing Shoes For a Round With Celtic Thunder
Celtic Christianity

Grab Your Dancing Shoes For a Round With Celtic Thunder!

If you’ve hung around this blog very long, you know how much I love Celtic Christianity and Celtic music. So today we’re gonna check in with Celtic Thunder singing “A Place In the Choir.” Grab your dancin’ shoes and let’s start this week off with some fun! Now, admit it.

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S'mores and Camp Grandma Decisions
Camp Grandma or Cousins Camp

S’mores and Camp Grandma Decisions

Oh my! It’s Camp Grandma time again. I’ve been digging through Pinterest looking for cool things to do with my grandkids at Camp Grandma this year. It’s next week. So I’m a little behind. I was seriously considering if we should drop the S’mores-around-the-camp-fire ritual this year (messy stuff), but

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