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Christmas Season + Seasonal Shift = Happy

Christmas Season + Seasonal Shift = Happy

Do you need a break from your day-to-day-colored life? You know, when everything is just the same old routine with a big dose of responsibility thrown in? But what do you do about it? Binge on Netflix movies? Eat a whole carton of French vanilla ice cream smothered in hot

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A season to harves time

Do You Ever Feel the Need to Harvest Your Time?

Do you feel what I feel? The need to harvest your time? When autumn’s shorter days and crisper weather wrap around my senses I always feel the need to hold close the things that matter most to me. It’s like I want to harvest memories to treasure over a cup

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How to avoid burn out with a dificult child
Raising grandchildren

How to Avoid Burnout With Your Difficult Child

Raising kids isn’t for the faint of heart. Sometimes we’re blessed with children or grandchildren who are flawless… like never! And some come prepackaged with enough difficulties to drive us crazy. Literally. A few days ago a young mother asked me this: I have a parenting question. I feel burned

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The Winter Palace in Saint Petersburg from a post titled Don't Take the Hotel Room Key
Don't forget to laugh

Don’t Take the Hotel Room Key

Ahhh vacation. Last Sunday we flew to Helsinki, Finland, to visit our son and his family. We spend two years paying all our bills and purchases with a credit card, which we then pay off at the end of the month. We use the air miles to finance our Finland

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Jeanne Robertson and Learning Cursive
Don't forget to laugh

Your Giggle For the Day – Learning Cursive

It’s been a crazy few weeks. Maybe for you too? I know I’m ready for a good dose of joy to lighten my day. So I dug up a few minutes of laughter to share with you. This clip ties into your legacy … and why kids need to know

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Hearing God's voice online course testimony
Experiencing Jesus

Do You Have a Story?

Do you have a story? Lori Barrow is the Training Director for YWAM Pismo Beach and Central Coast. In this short video, she explains how she has used the Experience Jesus through Hearing God’s Voice course in their Discipleship Training Schools. (If you received this video via email and cannot

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Don’t Dance In the Ladies’ Room

I only had to watch Don’t Line Dance In the Ladies Room one time and I knew I had to share it with you. You need a little humor to brighten your day, right? Jeanne Robertson happens to be one of my favorite comedians … so grab a Kleenex and

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How to Get Rid of Leaders by Susan Gaddis

How to Get Rid of Church Leaders in One Easy Step

I’m still laughing. Leadership Fumigation? Really? I’m just now finding this out as we’re driving down to Santa Barbara for a day at the zoo?!? Why didn’t somebody tell me about this service years ago? Having this company on speed dial would have made the last 39 years of pastoring

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How to Simplify Your Life
Soul Care

Simplify Your Life {Thursday Therapy}

You know you need to simplify your life. You’re overwhelmed, worn out, and a vacation is months away. You’ve tried, really tried, but a simple life seems impossible with all your commitments and responsibilities. You’re not thinking about a Little House on the Prairie kind of simple life, but one

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