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You are incredible. Don’t forget it.

You stopped counting how many holiday dishes you’ve cooked through the years. The dishes you’ve washed after the feast are up in the millions. The house? Oh yes, you’ve cleaned until your nails looked ratty. And most of the time, you’ve loved every minute of cooking, cleaning, and washing dishes.

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When Holiday Expectations Disappoint

My dad was ticked, and he had no problem letting me know it. For years we had spent Thanksgiving with my folks at their house. A month later we would gather our six kids into the car and drive an hour on Christmas Eve afternoon to my mom and dad’s

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Happy Thanksgiving, Friends!

Happy Thanksgiving! The house is clean, I’m heading to the kitchen to cook, and the kids and grandchildren will arrive in a few hours. I know this is happening in homes all over America. Mine is no different, and yet it is. Each of our families and friends make Thanksgiving

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Greed and Gratitude. Not a Good Mix.

So here’s my Thanksgiving rant: Black Friday has spilled over into Thanksgiving. Greed and gratitude. Not a good mix. Greed is invading Gratitude’s day, and people are embracing it! I know we all love a sale, but something is very wrong when Red Hot Deals are more important than a day

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The Thankfulness Lesson of a Brownie {Thursday Therapy}

Yesterday I was trying to figure out what to blog about and remembered the thankfulness lesson in Notting Hill. It’s one of the best take-away memories from the film. When Anna Scott, the most famous movie star in the world, has dinner with her friend William’s family, a challenge is

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A Little Gratitude Training Please

I think we need a little gratitude training around here. Thanksgiving Day encourages gratefulness and that’s a good thing. But something’s missing. “I’m thankful for my family,” sounds nice, but who are you thankful to? Seems like that statement kinda goes up in the air like a whiff of smoke.

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Dessert and Tea for Thanksgiving

The Thanksgiving Offer That Ignores Black Friday

What does Thanksgiving offer that Black Friday ignores? Lots, but it seems that Americans are more focused on shopping deals than they are on gratitude. Has anyone besides me noticed the degree to which this year’s Black Friday commercials have pushed Thanksgiving aside? It just seems wrong when we gear

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Seven Ideas for Celebrating Family By Connecting to the Past

The holidays are a perfect time for celebrating family by connecting to the past. Remembering those whose DNA we carry is difficult in a technological age where Grandpa’s old phone is ancient history, and kids think life is boring without instant connection on Facebook, Twitter, and cell phones. Who has

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