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What to do when the world falls apart

Summer’s transition into fall hasn’t gone so well this year, has it? My youngest son lives 10 minutes from where the August 17th, Barcelona terrorist attack occurred. Another son and his family live in Helsinki, Finland, not far from where another terrorist attack happened the day after the tragedy in

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Why a Home is Where Your Story Begins

Our youngest son graduates from college on Sunday. Quite a mile stone for him, and for us. The empty nest just became official. He’s on his own now… along with his five older siblings. *sigh* I woke up thinking about home. About Acts 17:26-27: He marked out their appointed times

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Daniel, Sarah, and Kaius Gaddis on a Holy in the Daily post
Susan Gaddis News

What to Do When Life Throws You a Curve

What do you do when life throws you a curve? Cry? Yell? Or adapt? Our son, Daniel, and his wife, Sarah, live with us, and their first child is due the end of this month. Therefore, we scheduled new carpet to go down yesterday in their two rooms, my storage

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