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How to make autumn cozy

This week, after a full day, I meandered into Trader Joes to pick up some of their autumn specialty items. You know, the Pumpkin Kringle that I freeze for our fall, family gatherings and the Pumpkin Ravioli that ALWAYS disappears before I can stock up on it. After choosing a

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Cuddle up with autumn quote on a photo by Carolyn Watson

5 Ways to Cuddle Up With Autumn

I love to cuddle up with autumn. It’s the time of year when I look forward to crisp days, cozy gatherings with family, and walking through pumpkin patches with grandkids. If you’re still waiting to connect with autumn, I’ve lined up some popular posts from the last few years. I

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Making a Home and Making a Life by Susan Gaddis
Create your legacy

Making a Home and Making a Life

With the kids finally all off living their own lives, Tom and I are settling into a life of quiet dinners, work, hospitality, and finding out how much we enjoy an empty nest. We like it. A lot. Margaret Kim Peterson caught my attention in her book, Keeping House: The

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Tom Gaddis and grandchildren on Holy in the Daily post by Susan Gaddis
Create your legacy

Autumn Memories In the Making

Fall hasn’t given me much time to make autumn memories this year. It has been a short season for us here on the Central Coast of California. One day in early November the weather clocked in at 100 degrees, and four days later the hillsides were white with frost. Green

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Blueberry ice cream and banana bread by Susan Gaddis on Holy in the Daily

Hello Autumn Reading

Hello Monday, and hello to autumn reading! And banana bread. And Tom’s favorite ice cream. Crisp weather on a Monday morning launches my autumn reading—books that call me to reflect on my journey with Jesus. Saturday was blustery, so I made Blueberry Lavender Ice Cream and Banana Bread, both from

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How to Taste the Seasons

The Central Coast of California enjoys a mild climate most of the year. This lack of change has lulled my honor of God’s cycle of seasons into a note on my day planner to change my décor.

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How to Harvest Time

How does one harvest time? How many of us think about time as wealth? Really—I’m usually so busy I don’t think about time at all except that I need more of it.

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