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Argue Less and Be Heard More With These 5 Tips

When was the last time you came out of an argument where both you and the other person felt heard, validated, and could explore alternative solutions? Yep, I thought it’d been awhile. Me too. Today I’m going to show you how you can argue less and be heard more. Because

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The Secret to Dealing With Problem People

Three different people sat in my office last week, each at separate times and for various reasons. Yet all had the same problem, or so they thought. Someone—not the same someone in each case—had ticked them off, and that someone became their problem. I’m sure you can relate. How many

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What is True Repentance? { Thursday Therapy }

Have you ever wondered what is true repentance after someone has asked your forgiveness, but continues to repeat the same offense over and over again? Yep, I think we’ve all experienced that in our relationships—with family, co-workers, friends, and even with Christians at church. Gossip, criticism, abuse, lying, misrepresenting others,

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How to Handle Rejection

  Did you learn how to handle rejection during your formative years? Me neither. Most of us struggle to learn how to handle rejection as adults. It isn’t easy. Even Jesus suffered rejection during his ministry, and people still reject him. Can we expect anything less in our lives? I

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What Makes Life Important post with the Ayers family at Holy in the Daily

What Makes Life Important When Views Collide

My view of what makes life important is challenged when someone doesn’t agree with me. Especially if their perspective lacks my obviously superior wisdom. *eyes roll* What makes life important to a child My friend, Sierra, recently offered three of my granddaughters a peach. By taking a bite, each girl

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