How to Find New Friends When You Are Over 50

I couldn’t wait for recess. My best friend, Kathy, was meeting me by the big tree in the playground. We were going to play “Peter Pan and Windy” with a bunch of school friends. Of course, I was going to be Peter Pan OR Captain Hook. (Did I want to

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5 Surprising Benefits of Creating a Blessing

Wouldn’t you like to change the negative atmosphere that surrounds us these days? Or lift the heart of one who feels like the scum of the earth? Or see destiny rest upon the life of someone you love? And, hey, what about knowing that your kids and grandkids are safely

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Comfort for a grandson

Comfort is a language of the soul

Pausing for a moment as I brushed my teeth, I heard Tom came in with Sawyer, our 4-year-old grandson. Sleeping in a tent with his cousins and Grandpa wasn’t Sawyer’s idea of a good night’s sleep at his first Camp Grandma. He’d played hard all day—swimming, games, snacks, crafts, a

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