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doing dishes and missing all the fun on a post by Susan Gaddis at Holy in the Daily

What To Do When You Are Missing All the Fun

Are you missing all the fun and feeling left out? Does everyone have the grand adventures while you do the boring tasks that allow them to save the world? We enjoyed lots of family time last week at Thanksgiving, but at 4:30 my husband took off to lead a team

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Disaster Relief Agencies serving Hurricane Sandy

Disaster Relief Agencies That Serve in Jesus Name

Disaster relief agencies are quickly responding to Hurricane Sandy as the Northeast and Mid-Atlantic are struggling to recover. I’m looking to help and hope you might be too. Have you thought about extending a helping hand “in Jesus name?” Donations and skills are needed. I think that’s important because a

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Outlive Your Life { Laundry Love }

How to outlive your life is what building a spiritual legacy is all about. Laundry Love was introduced to me at a conference this weekend. It’s practical, easy, and can involve the family. I share it with you as something to consider for making a difference in your community:  (If

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One person can make a difference block formation on Holy in the Daily post
Create your legacy

Five Ways One Person Can Make a Difference

One person can make a difference in the lives of others without much effort. Really, it’s not that hard to be Jesus to people in just a few minutes a day. Here’s five simple ideas for how you can make a difference at work, in your neighborhood, and with those

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