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A book review by Susan Gaddis on Soul Nourishment by Deborah Haddix
Spiritual Practices

Soul Nourishment Book Review

Whoop, whoop! Here’s my latest book review. This one is a soul nurturing book. Totally our thing, right? Soooo, here we go: In her new book, Soul Nourishment: Satisfying Our Deep Longing for God, Deborah Haddix brings her practical wisdom, gleaned from years of experience, to women desiring to grow

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Ever wonder how to tell your story so those you love grab onto your faith?
Create your legacy

What little boys can teach us about our faith story

We had just sat down to dinner when my 4-year-old grandson, Kai, proclaimed, “I pray now. I love Grandma. I love Grandpa. Am! (Translation: “Amen!”) Best grace prayer EVER! Kai was acting out a story that had been lived out before him all of his life. Now he wanted to

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A season to harves time

Do You Ever Feel the Need to Harvest Your Time?

Do you feel what I feel? The need to harvest your time? When autumn’s shorter days and crisper weather wrap around my senses I always feel the need to hold close the things that matter most to me. It’s like I want to harvest memories to treasure over a cup

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how to nail the faithfulness challenge - a post by Susan Gaddis

How to Nail the Faithfulness Challenge

Hi, I’ve been thinking a lot about Easter and consistency lately. Sometimes life feels like you need to apply the saying of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and just ride the wave of your current Christian experience. This might apply if you’ve talking about your dishwasher. Or, maybe

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Christian fasting, injustice, and rewards

Christian Fasting, Injustice, and Rewards

What???? Christians can fast like that? That’s what I thought when someone suggested I give up TV and movies for Lent. Something’s wrong with this suggestion! Hmmm. What was wrong dawned on me recently when I watched actress Bridget Moynahan share why she’s taken up The Live Below the Line

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How to Redeem a Messy Christmas

How to Redeem a Messy Christmas

Oh the busyness of the Christmas season! I hit this week leading up to Christmas with my running shoes on and sprinting out the door. Like you, I’m super busy. And some of my busyness is messy … clean the house, wrap gifts, cook, do the dishes. Somebody’s got to

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Sabbath rest
Personal Growth

Six Ways to Open the Gift of Rest

Do you know how to open the gift of rest? I’m guessing you’re real good at work and play, but don’t do “rest” real well. We have busy lives, busy leisure, and an inner obligation to have perfect kids, perfect homes, be productive, and be successful. Like the Chinese pictograph

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