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What’s a Falling Man to Do?

Aldo saw Martin fall. They’d been standing together on the high tower scaffolding when Martin slipped and fell off the scaffolding. Down he went … past the bottom of the scaffolding. Past his the other tower workers. Past the cathedral ceiling. Down … down …. It wasn’t suppose like this.

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God Will Provide — Even During a Bat Invasion

Scene 1: The Bats A few months ago I learned about a bat colony living in the covered porch rafters of the rental we own. Serious damage resulted from these little creatures of the night. I knew I didn’t like bats when Key Termite Control quoted me the cost of

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Don’t Let Doubt Blockade Your Legacy of Faith

My four-year-old son was facing a $2,000 surgery. This was back in the days when we couldn’t afford insurance and lived from paycheck to paycheck. I hesitated to call my dad about our need. As an attorney, he could afford to help us out, but he had drilled into me

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Too Busy For God? 5 Tips to Daily Find the Holy

Two writing deadlines, a book review due, a Y.W.A.M. School of Ministry Development course on intercession to create, a house that looks like 8 grandkids have invaded it … oh, they did … two dogs who play “see how may things we can knock down as we race across the

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How a home becomes a thin place
Celtic Christianity

Would Saint Patrick Feel at Home at Your House? He should.

Has your house become a home—a habitation for the God who became human? Celtic Christians had a name for such places. They called them “thin places.” I live in a typical American small town with my house located in what once was a rural part of our community. Large picture

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Yes, You Can Wait For God’s Promises. Really.

Don’t you just hate waiting? Who wants to wait to see the conflict resolved, or wait until you can afford a new car when you need one now or wait to have God’s promises fulfilled in your life? You’re part of the fast-food generation, and you want instant gratification. Don’t

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10 Ways to Nurture Your Spirit With Prayer This Christmas

Let’s face it—the hustle and bustle of Christmas can easily distract you from needed prayer. Scary—because prayer connects you to the Holy Spirit who gives life (see John 6:63). No Spirit connection = little life. Your spirit becomes weak and hollow. Once a week prayer at church isn’t enough. You

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4 Ways to Spiritually Decorate Your Home For Christmas

Have you noticed the Christmas shopping commercials this year? Yuck. Especially the ones that replace the powerful words of old Christmas carols with “Buy, buy, buy.” You could easily spend a small fortune on Christmas decorations and miss the real decorations of the Spirit. You know the ones I mean—those

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