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When Prayer Warriors Enter the War Room

If you’ve seen the movie, The War Room, you know the importance of fighting on your knees for those you love. I saw it last week and loved it! Spiritual warfare is one of my favorite activities. Over the years, I’ve been privileged to mentor many people in how to

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How to Join God’s Messy, Dirty Faith Club

Messy, dirty faith… the kind that pleases God, isn’t displayed like the beautiful china in your china cabinet. Rather it looks like the well used, messy workshop of a master mechanic. Rather filthy, though somewhat organized, and definitely not the kind of place you’d invite your mother for tea. This

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How to Find and Use God’s Promises For Your Life

Have you discovered how hard it is to find and use God’s promises when you’re facing a tough situation? When your life is going great, you probably aren’t focused on God’s promises. When things turn ugly, it’s a whole different story. You’re confused, anxious, overwhelmed and afraid. You want God

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Spiritual warfare tips to pray for your city

How to Pray For Your City

Are there ugly things lurking in the shadows of your community? Robberies, gangs, drugs, and other activities that infect your city? And you worry about your kids. Or your grandkids. Or even yourself. Just watching the evening news can overwhelm most of us. How do you deal with the ugly

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Is Your Spiritual Arsenal Missing These Easter Weapons?

My prayer partner Vickie and I learned long ago that some of the most powerful weapons of spiritual warfare are virtues we seldom think of as weapons. For example, Satan can’t identify with humility and compassion. He doesn’t understand them and doesn’t know how to win a battle where they’re

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How to Nail the Faithfulness Challenge

Hi, I’ve been thinking a lot about Easter and consistency lately. Sometimes life feels like you need to apply the saying of “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” and just ride the wave of your current Christian experience. This might apply if you’ve talking about your dishwasher. Or, maybe

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Christian Fasting, Injustice, and Rewards

What???? Christians can fast like that? That’s what I thought when someone suggested I give up TV and movies for Lent. Something’s wrong with this suggestion! Hmmm. What was wrong dawned on me recently when I watched actress Bridget Moynahan share why she’s taken up The Live Below the Line

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How to Be Ready for a Terrorist Attack

On the morning of September 11th, 2001, I awoke to a loud ringing in my ears. It was the phone. One of the older widows in the church, Erma, was on the line telling me to turn on my TV. I did so just before the second plane hit the

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The Secret Weapon Hiding in a Bedtime Story by Susan Gaddis

The Secret Weapon Hiding in a Bedtime Story

I’d forgotten how much power is in a bedtime story until recently. Our grandson, Kaius, came to visit one evening while his parents were out on a date. They were due to pick him up around 1:00 in the morning. Too late for these grandparents to sit up and wait.

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