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Condemnation and shame can wrap their heaviness around your soul leaving you feeling empty and alone. Here's how to get rid of shame for good.

How to Get Rid of Shame for Good

Did you ever notice how shame feels like being stripped totally naked and paraded in front of all the people you highly regard OR it feels like a nasty, bug infested, wet, wool blanket draped over you from head to toe? Either way, shame is one of the worst emotional

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Ever wonder how to tell your story so those you love grab onto your faith?
Create your legacy

What little boys can teach us about our faith story

We had just sat down to dinner when my 4-year-old grandson, Kai, proclaimed, “I pray now. I love Grandma. I love Grandpa. Am! (Translation: “Amen!”) Best grace prayer EVER! Kai was acting out a story that had been lived out before him all of his life. Now he wanted to

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Experiencing Jesus

Sometimes nobody knows you but Jesus

You’ve gotten up at five in the morning most of your life to work at a less than perfect job. Because it helped pay for the cost of little league, piano lessons, and college tuition for your kids. You’ve handled rejection, loss, health issues, loneliness, disappointment, and you’ve survived. Because,

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10 unexpected places to hear God's voice
Experiencing Jesus

10 unexpected places + times to hear God’s voice

Recently someone asked me what the perfect time is for God to talk to you. Right after that, a woman shared with me how she was super worried about her daughter who “wasn’t in a place to hear from God.” So what is the perfect place to be in, or

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Summer 2016. It's On!
Experiencing Jesus

Summer 2016. It’s ON!

Can you sense summer coming? It smells like bar-b-ques and feels like a fresh breeze of the Holy Spirit swirling around your heart. I’ve been busy creating, and I’ve come up with something special for the summer. It’s all about YOU + JESUS. Here’s a 49 second sneak peek: Looking

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To be Heard: God's Voice and the Sex Talk

To be heard: God’s voice and the sex talk

Let’s talk about sex. Yes, I knew that would get your attention. I’ll get to the sex part shortly. But first, a story… Some of the most memorable and precious moments in my life have been when I’ve gotten to cuddle a new grandchild, freshly born and adjusting to the

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Keep your focus on joy

Life is Tough. Use it.

Long time ago – back when we were first pastoring, our supervisor, Doc Wymore and his wife, Betty, came to visit one Sunday. This was a BIG deal, and I wanted to make a good impression: I cooked a traditional Sunday roast for our honored guests. Was it amazing? Uh…

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Don't Mess With Mama Bear post by Susan Gaddis

Mama Bear and King Herod Face-off

Hey, did you catch the Tuesday morning news? I did while finishing up a cool Christmas/New Year’s gift for those who subscribe to my newsletter email list, which, btw, goes out this Sunday, the 20th. (My love language is gifts. So lucky you if you’re a subscriber!) I was feeling

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A season to harves time

Do You Ever Feel the Need to Harvest Your Time?

Do you feel what I feel? The need to harvest your time? When autumn’s shorter days and crisper weather wrap around my senses I always feel the need to hold close the things that matter most to me. It’s like I want to harvest memories to treasure over a cup

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When Prayer Warriors Enter the War Room

If you’ve seen the movie, The War Room, you know the importance of fighting on your knees for those you love. I saw it last week and loved it! Spiritual warfare is one of my favorite activities. Over the years, I’ve been privileged to mentor many people in how to

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