supernatural weapon of joy
Spiritual Warfare

The Supernatural Weapon of Joy

2020 appears to be the year from hell. No kidding. The spiritual oppression is thick. That kind of heaviness doesn’t originate from flesh and blood but principalities, powers, and other forces of darkness (Ephesians 6:12). Believers are wading through gloom, fear, stress, and pressure they’ve never experienced before. Even if

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Does your dailyu experience seem stuck
Experiencing Jesus

Does your daily experience seem stuck on repeat?

Sometimes I feel like I am living a version of the 1993 comedy film, Groundhog Day. You know the movie. Phil (Bill Murray) is a TV weatherman covering February 2nd, Groundhog Day, in Punxsutawney. For unknown reasons, he gets trapped in a time loop that keeps repeating itself. His life

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At Christmas, God throws a party to celebrate you! And that party is happening every day of your life. When God parties, it is wild!

God Throws a Party to Celebrate You!

Every December we celebrate faith, family, and friends with Christmas carols, feasting, sparkling lights, and the traditional Christmas pageant featuring shepherds, Joseph and Mary, the angels singing, and, of course, baby Jesus. It’s a big deal. And though we focus on the incarnation—God clothing Himself in flesh and bone and

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Three steps to how the perfect love of God can overcome fear
Experiencing Jesus

Successful women don’t have anxiety, or do we?

One of my earliest memories is of drowning. I was a chubby, little, red-haired, bikini-clad toddler desperately trying to grab onto an empty Coors can in a vast ocean. The beer can bobbled away as I frantically tried to keep my head above the churning water that was pulling me

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A book review by Susan Gaddis on Soul Nourishment by Deborah Haddix
Spiritual Practices

Soul Nourishment Book Review

Whoop, whoop! Here’s my latest book review. This one is a soul nurturing book. Totally our thing, right? Soooo, here we go: In her new book, Soul Nourishment: Satisfying Our Deep Longing for God, Deborah Haddix brings her practical wisdom, gleaned from years of experience, to women desiring to grow

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Over the last seven years grandparents throughout the world have united in prayer on Grandparents’ Day of Prayer. This year it falls on September 9th.

Grandparents’ Day of Prayer 2018

It’s always a pleasure to have Lillian Penner from the Christian Grandparenting Network call us to pray for our grandchildren on Grandparents’ Day. This year it falls on September 9th. As our guest today, Lillian shares how you can become involved. (Thanks bunches, Lillian!) Grandparents are Uniting in Prayer on

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Who is driving your car? Who is in control of your life? Your choices? Your emotions? Here's a simple exercise to help you find a better view of your circumstances.
Experiencing Jesus

Who is driving your car?

One of the most fun and exciting ways I’ve helped coach my clients is to have them tell me their dreams—the kind you have when you’re asleep. Dreams are important. They are one of the ways God spoke to His people in the Scriptures. And, as far as I know,

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Your world is rapidly changing. Confusion and hopelessness set in. Here's what a Christian woman can do when her abnormal becomes normal.

When Your Abnormal Becomes Normal

You’ve probably heard the story of the cute little frog placed in a pot of nice cool water. Slowly the water heated up until the cute little frog became a cooked little frog. He never saw, or felt, it coming. That’s what happens in our families when we ignore the

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