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Making a Home and Making a Life by Susan Gaddis
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Making a Home and Making a Life

With the kids finally all off living their own lives, Tom and I are settling into a life of quiet dinners, work, hospitality, and finding out how much we enjoy an empty nest. We like it. A lot. Margaret Kim Peterson caught my attention in her book, Keeping House: The

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I Dare You to Be Ordinary {Thursday Therapy}

I dare you to live an ordinary life. I know. You’d rather be somebody famous. Or sexy. Or rich. How about popular? Forget it. In order to be a change agent for Jesus in the world, you have to be ordinary. Yep, the everyday guy who lives in an ordinary

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What Simple Pleasure Marks Your Life as Good? Really.

Summer has me tangled in various projects and enjoying the simple pleasure of cutting back where needed. So today I’m reposting one of my favorite blog posts. Enjoy! A Chinese legend tells of a group of elderly, cultured gentlemen who met often to exchange wisdom and drink tea. Each host

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Naturally Supernatural Encounters of the God Kind

This is the year for seeing naturally supernatural encounters of the God kind. Yep, it’s true. I’m expecting it. *wisdom gleam in her eye* A few weeks ago I was shaken awake in the middle of the night. This wasn’t a new experience, and it wasn’t a California earthquake interrupting

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The Little Things In Life

This year I plan to notice the little things in life The early morning quiet Fresh coffee Unexpected giggles from my grandchildren The smell of brown grass in the hot sun A personal letter in my mailbox Rain beating on my bedroom window A good night’s sleep Memories in the

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When Jesus Said Follow me, He Was Asking You to Dance

When Jesus said, “Follow me,” he was asking me to dance. Guidance Following Jesus is a lot like dancing. In fact “guidance” contains the word “dance.” When I let Jesus lead me, I find the flow of forward movement graceful, or grace filled. When I try to lead, everything becomes

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