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To be heard: God’s voice and the sex talk

Let’s talk about sex. Yes, I knew that would get your attention. I’ll get to the sex part shortly. But first, a story… Some of the most memorable and precious moments in my life have been when I’ve gotten to cuddle a new grandchild, freshly born and adjusting to the

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Cuddle up with autumn quote on a photo by Carolyn Watson

5 Ways to Cuddle Up With Autumn

I love to cuddle up with autumn. It’s the time of year when I look forward to crisp days, cozy gatherings with family, and walking through pumpkin patches with grandkids. If you’re still waiting to connect with autumn, I’ve lined up some popular posts from the last few years. I

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How to Get Rid of Church Leaders in One Easy Step

I’m still laughing. Leadership Fumigation? Really? I’m just now finding this out as we’re driving down to Santa Barbara for a day at the zoo?!? Why didn’t somebody tell me about this service years ago? Having this company on speed dial would have made the last 39 years of pastoring

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6 Tips For a Dog-Ate-It Day

Ever have one of those days when you just wanted to go back to sleep … for the whole day? Well, you’ve caught me in one. “My dog ate it” isn’t just a kid’s excuse for avoiding homework. It’s my excuse for wanting to escape this day. Whatever my dog

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A Secret That Works as Hard as You Do Building a Legacy

There’s a secret to building a legacy of faith that keeps working even when you’re not thinking about it. This secret is easily established. It begins with your daily life. Here’s how … You have your daily routines—when life seems crazy; the routines are usually there. You may change them

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How a home becomes a thin place
Celtic Christianity

Would Saint Patrick Feel at Home at Your House? He should.

Has your house become a home—a habitation for the God who became human? Celtic Christians had a name for such places. They called them “thin places.” I live in a typical American small town with my house located in what once was a rural part of our community. Large picture

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The Secret to Dealing With Problem People

Three different people sat in my office last week, each at separate times and for various reasons. Yet all had the same problem, or so they thought. Someone—not the same someone in each case—had ticked them off, and that someone became their problem. I’m sure you can relate. How many

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Become What You Were Meant to Be

We’ve all been there—been a victim somehow. Lost a loved one. Suffered a betrayal. Faced cancer or some other horrible disease. Financial difficulties. You know . . . the hard times that none of us would wish on his worst enemy. At least most of us wouldn’t. Whatever you faced,

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God Loves You More Than a Special Blankie

When my oldest son was a baby, he had a special blanket he called his Mymy. It was still called his Mymy even after it tatter down to a six inch scrap of a Mymy. You know the kind of blanket I’m talkin’ about. The one blanket owned by your child that

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Holy In the Daily Tips as Image Quotes

If you haven’t visited my Facebook page recently, you may have missed some Holy in the Daily tips in the form of image quotes about life. Some of them are my own thoughts and others are famous quotes by really wise people. I love this one from an Irish headstone:

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