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Life Around the Table

This weekend brought unexpected company, their motor home, and a dog named Boo to our front yard. Tony and Kim decided to beat the heat of the California Central Valley and escape to our modest home over on the Central Coast. Time together meant long hours lingering over meals peppered

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Old recipe at Holy in the Daily blog
Create your legacy

Don’t Throw Away Those Old Recipes or Hymnal!

Don’t be tempted to throw out those old recipes. Or even Grandma’s hymnal. Such treasures hold a legacy waiting to be tasted by a new generation. These two recipes arrived with a note from my cousin the other day. Jolana often sends me Grandma Bessie’s recipes on old slips of

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Hello Monday { Finnish Smoked Salmon Salad }

This week I’m embracing autumn with a Finnish Smoked Salmon Salad! Don’t you think Smoked Salmon Salad sounds like a wonderful California holiday recipe and a perfect way to incorporate a Finnish recipe into holiday plans? Me too. Hello new traditions Since my son, Jonathan, and his Finnish wife, Sanna,

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