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5 Tips to Help Honesty and Integrity Build Your Legacy

It’s the little things that sabotage your legacy—even if you wear the Christian garb. Here’s what I’m talkin’ about … I manage a couple of rentals for several different people. Through the years I’ve worked with mainly “Christian” tenants. Most of them have been wonderful tenants—the kind that make your

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How Your Mother Affects Your Legacy of Faith

Sigh. Mother’s Day can leave a person with a variety of emotions to sort through. Perhaps you have lots of wonderful memories of your mother. And perhaps you don’t. Either way, you don’t want to waste your mom memories. When you learn how to position both your positive and negative

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A Secret That Works as Hard as You Do Building a Legacy

There’s a secret to building a legacy of faith that keeps working even when you’re not thinking about it. This secret is easily established. It begins with your daily life. Here’s how … You have your daily routines—when life seems crazy; the routines are usually there. You may change them

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10 Easter Ideas to Help You Build Memories

It’s been a busy month and this week I’m teaching at a Y.W.A.M. Ministry Development School. And … big confession here … I’m not ready for Easter. Not even a little, tiny bit. And Easter is this coming Sunday!  I want Easter to be special. Something my kids and grandkids

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Making a Home and Making a Life by Susan Gaddis
Create your legacy

Making a Home and Making a Life

With the kids finally all off living their own lives, Tom and I are settling into a life of quiet dinners, work, hospitality, and finding out how much we enjoy an empty nest. We like it. A lot. Margaret Kim Peterson caught my attention in her book, Keeping House: The

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3 Family Dinner Conversation Starters

Busy with back-to-school activities? Kinda kicks summer’s easy-going life style out the back door doesn’t it? Daily routines become normal once again. That includes family dinners. And family dinner conversations. You do sit down several times a week to eat dinner together with your kids, right? Families who eat together

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Camp Grandma or Cousins Camp

Camp Grandma 2013

You weren’t invited to our annual two-day Camp Grandma this year, but my grandkids were. At least those that were potty trained. Six out of nine grandkids made for one awesome weekend! Bonding. Memory making. Passing on our spiritual legacy. You know, all the important stuff that grandparents treasure. Condensed into

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Closed For Camp Grandma

Well . . . there you have it folks. I’m busy. Real busy. Camp Grandma starts tomorrow, and six of my nine grandchildren will arrive for a very active weekend. So I’ll let you know all about it sometime next week. After I recover. Hugs, Susan

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S’mores and Camp Grandma Decisions

Oh my! It’s Camp Grandma time again. I’ve been digging through Pinterest looking for cool things to do with my grandkids at Camp Grandma this year. It’s next week. So I’m a little behind. I was seriously considering if we should drop the S’mores-around-the-camp-fire ritual this year (messy stuff), but

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