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When Your Abnormal Becomes Normal

You’ve probably heard the story of the cute little frog placed in a pot of nice cool water. Slowly the water heated up until the cute little frog became a cooked little frog. He never saw, or felt, it coming. That’s what happens in our families when we ignore the

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Do You Accept the Paving the Way Challenge?

Whoo hoo! Hot apple pie and ice cream! Can you believe it? Your kids have grown up. Wasn’t it yesterday that they were starting kindergarten? Where did the time go!? Crazy, right? But some kids leave home and never seem to connect with God. Whatever relationship they may have had

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When Your Grown Kid Isn’t Into Jesus

I’m not sure what hurts more, colon cancer surgery or a grown kid who isn’t interested in Jesus. I’ve had both. Did you know that 70% to 88% of kids raised in a Christian home will choose not to follow Christ after they finish High School? If you weren’t a

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Camp Grandma ideas and tips for 2017 post by Susan Gaddis
Camp Grandma or Cousins Camp

Camp Grandma Ideas and Tips

Ready for a new download of Camp Grandma ideas and tips? Good, because we just finished our 2017 camp, and I can’t wait to share it with you. Your Camp Grandma, Cousins’ Camp, Grandma Camp (or whatever you call your special few days with your grandkids) can be in your

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A quick Father’s Day note from Jesus

Father’s Day. Do those words put joy to your heart and a spring in your step? If not, it may be because: You didn’t have a good relationship with your dad. Your heart hurts for your kids who didn’t have healthy dad experiences. Your grandchildren are growing up without a

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Finding Significant Purpose as a Grandmother

It’s always a pleasure to share these pages with amazing women. Lillian Penner is the author of Grandparenting with a Purpose: Effective Ways to Pray for Your Grandchildren and Co-Prayer Director for Christian Grandparenting Network. When she accepted my invitation to share her wisdom with my readers, I was thrilled.

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How to Quickly Create a Family History Book

I treasure the warm feel of a small child’s head snuggled under my chin after he climbs onto my lap, hands me a book, and says, “Read this to me, Grandma.” Guess what book my 4-year old grandson, Kaius, grabs for Grandma to read to him every time he spends

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What little boys can teach us about our faith story

We had just sat down to dinner when my 4-year-old grandson, Kai, proclaimed, “I pray now. I love Grandma. I love Grandpa. Am! (Translation: “Amen!”) Best grace prayer EVER! Kai was acting out a story that had been lived out before him all of his life. Now he wanted to

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