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Do You Accept the Paving the Way Challenge?

Whoo hoo! Hot apple pie and ice cream! Can you believe it? Your kids have grown up. Wasn’t it yesterday that they were starting kindergarten? Where did the time go!? Crazy, right? But some kids leave home and never seem to connect with God. Whatever relationship they may have had

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When Your Grown Kid Isn’t Into Jesus

I’m not sure what hurts more, colon cancer surgery or a grown kid who isn’t interested in Jesus. I’ve had both. Did you know that 70% to 88% of kids raised in a Christian home will choose not to follow Christ after they finish High School? If you weren’t a

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5 Surprising Benefits of Creating a Blessing

Wouldn’t you like to change the negative atmosphere that surrounds us these days? Or lift the heart of one who feels like the scum of the earth? Or see destiny rest upon the life of someone you love? And, hey, what about knowing that your kids and grandkids are safely

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Cloudy With a Chance of Blessings

I about choked when a few weeks ago I read about the four-year-old little girl abused so badly she had purple bruises all over her malnourished body and dried blood in the corner of her mouth. When asked her name, she quietly replied, “Idiot.” That was the only name she

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Life is Tough. Use it.

Long time ago – back when we were first pastoring, our supervisor, Doc Wymore and his wife, Betty, came to visit one Sunday. This was a BIG deal, and I wanted to make a good impression: I cooked a traditional Sunday roast for our honored guests. Was it amazing? Uh…

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Hearing God Speak

Contrary to popular opinion, God does have a voice and He is speaking. He is speaking to people in homes, churches, playgrounds, workplaces, hospitals, barrooms, in the night hours, in busy subways, and in the silence. Jesus is everywhere, and He knows where you live. You don’t have to resort

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Does Your Communication With God Seem Limited?

Is Your Communication With God Limited?

I decided early this morning that I’m not into dog greetings. Our Boston Terrier, Jack, loves to greet me with a big nose-to-nose greeting … one big, sloppy, wet lick to my mouth and nose after the nose-to-nose thing. This is how dogs greet one another. This is not how

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