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Soul Care

A healthy soul care routine is vital for nurturing your soul and spirit. Use the ideas found in this category for rest and refreshing.

Personal Growth

Personal growth shouldn’t stop as you grow older. Finish your race well! These posts help heal and refine your thoughts, emotions, and choices.


How to deal with new transitions: an empty nest, aging parents, retirement, relocation, raising grandchildren, and death & grief.

Experiencing Jesus

A deeper intimacy with the Lord sustains us as we encounter difficulties and journey through new territory in aging.

Relationship Challenges

Whether it's a strained relationship with a family member or friend, work related issues, difficult people, or family addictions, these posts help.

Create Your Legacy

Ideas, tips, and resources for creating your spiritual legacy. Impact your family and friends with these proven and fun strategies.


Seasons and holidays bring opportunities and challenges. In this category, we look at their different stresses and how to deal with them.

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Love vs the Black Death

Like many, I hear stories of those on the front lines of this new pandemic called the Coronavirus. Some work in hospitals, labs, and response teams called to deal with the virus in ways we aren’t even aware of – (think morticians or cleanup crews). Others keep our supply lines open for food and transportation.

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Turn Loneliness into Purpose

Are you feeling lonely? It’s not a fun emotion as it usually morphs into feeling sad, isolated, or depressed. You’ve probably known periods of loneliness more often than you’d like. Most women over 50 have, so you’re not alone. As you age, people you care about disappear from your life either because of different interests,

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A tip to frame your day successfully

How often have you woken up in the morning with your thoughts carrying snippets of concern, crisis, or unpleasant responsibility? If you fall asleep dwelling on such things, restlessness or bothersome dreams haunt your night. When your daily life is squished in-between such musings, it’s hard to envision or experience success in your relationships, job,

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I’ve lived for a long time. So have you. Christmas hasn’t always been jolly, has it? But it started that way. I mean, who plans to get pregnant without a father and explains it with an impossible story? Who suddenly finds out that his betrothed is pregnant by someone else AND his reputation is on

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How the Lord's Prayer can help you deal with worry

Do you ever pray without thinking about what you are saying? Recently, as I was praying the Lord’s Prayer, I was caught up short. Right after, “Thy kingdom come, thy will be done,” the Lord interrupted me with, “Why don’t you want my will done?” What??? Of COURSE, I want God’s will done in my

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autumn of life questions

Autumn, my favorite time of year, but this year it signals more than ever the changing seasons in my own life. It seems but a few months ago that I celebrated the holidays. Now they’re almost here again… …already? What? Where did the time go? What did I do with that time? I wonder how

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How to make autumn cozy

This week, after a full day, I meandered into Trader Joes to pick up some of their autumn specialty items. You know, the Pumpkin Kringle that I freeze for our fall, family gatherings and the Pumpkin Ravioli that ALWAYS disappears before I can stock up on it. After choosing a selection of yummy foods that

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Camp Grandma 2019 Zombie Apocalypse

Summer means Camp Grandma at our house. Our chosen theme for this year’s camp was Camp Grandma Zombie Apocalypse. It proved to be more prophetic than I could have imagined. Planning for Camp Grandma and accepting extra help this year paid off. I’ve always appreciated my teenage grandchildren being “counselors” at camp. But this year

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how to tell transformational stories

Years ago, I stumbled upon the key ingredient to influencing others. Amazingly, this key easily translated from my job of speaking and writing to relating advice to those I love. It’s even more valuable to me as I’ve grown older and want to influence my grown kids and grandchildren in God’s ways. Early in our

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deal with overwhelm in under 5 minutes by Susan Gaddis

Last Sunday our pastor, Andy Rock, got my attention by his comment of how much we expect retirement to be a life free of responsibility—just one long vacation—nothing to do but rest and relax. It’s true, I thought, dreaming of a 365-day cruise free of cleaning, cooking, and bill paying — a life of someone

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