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Oh, my goodness… did you feel that?

That little whisper at the back of your mind?

The crisp air hitting your face as you walk out the door in the morning?

And you think you know.

You’re not sure how fully developed it is yet because the warm air that has enveloped you these last few months still tugs at your summer tan.

But the trees are beginning to respond with reds and golds, and the days are getting a little shorter.

Yep, you’re sure now.

Autumn is coming. For some, it will be a little bit late. For others, it’s right on time.

Autumn Soul Care

Transitioning from season to season is the perfect time to revisit your soul care routine.

Of course, some of that routine and your choices for daily soul care will stay the same, perhaps your prayer time and Scripture reading.

But with the weather changing and seasonal activities arriving, you’ll want to switch out and refresh some of your overall soul care to reflect and celebrate fall.

It’s time to cuddle with the Lord as you drink your favorite fall beverage and listen to the wind in the trees. God longs to experience His creation with you and talk of things to come.

His mercies are new every morning, no matter how crisp and cold the morning air feels.

His love for you is everlasting, and He wants you to experience that love in fresh ways and with new insights.

He has adventures and discoveries planned for you that reach beyond your years and understanding. Some discoveries are earthbound, and others fly with your soul as you soar with the wings of the Spirit.

Fall reminds us that our lives have expiration dates, though our soul is eternal.

So, there are things you’ll do for autumn soul care that celebrate the life you’ve been given and the life to come.

It’s time to slow down and ponder, revisit, and create. The Holy Spirit is waiting to guide, comfort, and encourage you in doing that.

So, take a few minutes to choose and plan what this year’s fall soul care will look like for you:

Ideas and Tips for Autumn Soul Care

Autumn post image

FIRST: Harvest your time. You know how fast time goes by as you age. It seems like Thanksgiving was just a few months ago, and now it is almost here again.

Fall is the season of harvest, and time is no exception. Wondering how this works? Check out my post, Do You Ever Feel the Need to Harvest Your Time.

SECOND: Make autumn cozy. Do this for yourself, your loved ones, and the Lord. How to Make Autumn Cozy is full of ideas and tips for your autumn soul care.

THIRD: Incorporate soul breaks into your day. For example, consider these:

  • Take communion with just you and the Lord. Remember the many autumns you’ve experienced and find His presence in each of them.
  • Apple cider, pumpkin bread, cozy sweaters, and hot soup—what are the foods that signal fall or winter has arrived at your house? Cook these up to welcome a new season into your life.
  • Help your grandchildren gain an appreciation for God’s creatures. Take a walk in the woods with a basket of seeds and fruit and leave them for little animals. Capture the memories with your camera and put the photos in a unique fall photo album.

Enjoy the transition from summer to fall.

Play in the leaves with your kids and grandkids. Sip hot cider by a cold evening’s fire.

And let the Lord whisper His love for you as you wrap yourself in your favorite sweater.

If you’d like to learn more about soul care and experience its ongoing benefits, visit the Legacy Lounge Soul Care Spa.

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