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It isn’t easy to quiet your soul in today’s world. Noise from without intensifies the noise within. 

How do you calm your mind and emotions enough to hear the things that really matter?

And how do you know what’s important and what’s not?

Distractions and other forms of escape can provide temporary relief for your soul, but they fail in long-term application. 

According to 1 Thessalonians 4:11, quieting your heart is a learned activity. 

You have to study or make it your ambition to have a quiet life and a quiet soul.

And it is only in learning to quiet your soul that you understand the self-governing skills the Holy Spirit longs to teach you.

In my own experience, and from what my life coaching clients describe, a noisy soul is:

  • Noise in my head
  • Cluttered thoughts
  • Overwhelmed emotions
  • Brain fried
  • Not able to focus

If this sounds like you, I have a few tips that can help:

5 tips to quiet your soul

1. Detox your social media. Take a break from all your social media, news apps and emails for a day, week or a month.

2. Delegate or ignore your tasks and errands for a day or a week. The world will not end if someone else does a task for you. Decline invitations to events or gatherings. Sometimes saying “No” is exactly what your soul needs.

3. Embrace natural quiet. Turn off your phone, TV, music, and any other noise you can control. Listen to your dog snore, children laugh, and other soft background noises that surround your life. 

Sit in the garden or take a walk where all you can hear are the sounds of the birds, wind in the trees, waves on the shore, and the quiet that the Creator has made to calm your soul.

4. Note what is consuming your thoughts and emotions. Use the quiet you’ve embraced to spend time with the Holy Spirit releasing those concerns to the Lord (see Psalm 62:8).

5. Rest in quiet stillness, using this space to let your soul find peace in the presence of the Lord (see Psalm 46:10.)


What would your life look like if it held more space to quiet your soul?

What is one of the above tips you can do today to bring some rest to your mind and emotions?

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