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Celebrate Lent? Really? I think there’s something we often miss during times of sadness, anxiety, grief, or despair.

And Lent holds the key to making it through these times.

I don’t like doom and gloom.

Yet, the 40 days of Lent leading up to Easter focuses on repentance, fasting, reflection, and the sacrifice of Christ.

That’s quite a mixture of gloomy things, except for the reflection part.

But still—reflecting on Christ’s death and everything leading up to it—really?

Do we participate in Lent as morbid viewers of tragedy? Of course not.

But how do we celebrate Lent in the midst of Christian fasting. 

Or, more importantly, how often during a depressing season of your life do you stop to purposefully celebrate with a feast?

The #1 most powerful tip to celebrate Lent

While fasting, reflection, and grief sound depressing, there is one thing to look forward to every week during Lent, and that is Sundays.

Traditionally, fasting is forbidden on Sundays. So each Sunday during Lent, and there are 6 of them, is set aside for feasting.

Sundays are always for feasting as it is the day of Christ’s resurrection.

Amid tragedy and chaos, God always has a win that wraps all the negativity up into one fantastic bundle of understanding, healing, purpose, and celebration.

If you think about it, every holiday feast day is surrounded by a review and reflection of the hardship that initiated the win that the feasting celebrates.

God had a reason for each feast.

It reminded the celebrators of something the Lord had done for them during tragedy or chaos. The feast had a purpose and a meaning.

It celebrated the win—literally.

And each win is something God wants us to reflect on, gleaning its treasures to impact and grow our soul.

Yearly celebrations

Advent—the darkness before the coming of Christ, celebrated at Christmas.

Lent and Good Friday—the suffering and crucifixion of Jesus, celebrating His resurrection on Easter.

Passover—the escape of Israel from slavery in Egypt and the advent of the Holy Spirit to live in those who follow the risen Christ.

Weekly celebration

Each Sunday, we celebrate a Sabbath, for it proclaims not only Christ’s resurrection but a day where we cease our worry, work, and stress as we acknowledge God as our creator and provider.

Daily celebration

Jesus is our Sabbath every day. In every struggle, tragedy, or hardship, Jesus wraps us in His wins.

When you celebrate Lent, you tap into a powerful experience, as long as you don’t forget this one significant, ongoing component of honoring God.

No matter how muddy, complicated, or hopeless your struggle seems, there is a win within it that honors the Lord.

Perfection, performance, and having your act all together are not required or appreciated. 

God meets you in your dirt, shame, failures, heartbreaks, and overshadows all of that with His perfection.

He is the focus, the celebration, the win, and for that, we honor him.

The table may be small, your cup a tin can, and the meal a sandwich, but if it is celebrating Him as your win, it is a grand feast indeed.

So… I’ll ask again, how often do you stop in the middle of a depressing season in your life to purposefully celebrate with a feast?

Don’t miss the celebration lessons of Lent.

Incorporate feasting into every week of the year, especially on Sundays.

Add a point of celebration to your day, every day.

Focus on the good that God is doing. Even if your life looks gloomy right now. 

Each win offers an opportunity for seeing your life through the lens of God. Go for it, girl!



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