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Become an armchair traveler for a quick mental vacation

Since many of us, including me, have spent most of 2020 at home, I thought you might like to get out of the house. At least for a few minutes.

So today, I’m taking you on a mini virtual-vacation to Finland, complete with photos. Grab your sunglasses, and let’s go!

Armchair traveler vacationing!

There is something about a mental vacation that puts our life into perspective and enlarges our view of the world, putting whatever surrounds us on hold for a short time.

Space is provided for our emotions and thoughts to rest as we vacate life obligations to muse with our companion, Jesus.

For today’s armchair adventure, please settle into your favorite comfy chair and fasten your seat belts.

As your tour guide, I invite you to look through these 10 facts from Finland as we drive through the Finnish countryside.

Now that you read over how to take out the garbage, where to buy beautiful porcelain dishes, and how long daylight lasts during the summer, let’s head to the first place on our itinerary.

Our 1st stop is a tour of a Finnish home. Things are different in Finland, especially in their homes. So although adjustments will need to be made during this vacation, I think you’ll enjoy it.

And of course, what would Finland be without their winter…which lasts a verrrry long time. Let’s visit a Finnish winter lake and cozy cabin, shall we?

Surprise! I planned a little side-trip to Saint Petersburg, Russia, while we’re vacationing in Finland. It is just across the Baltic from Helsinki, so an overnight ferry cruise will get us there and back.

Finally, you need to know how to nap a Finnish grandbaby in the SNOW! It took some practice, but I eventually learned to do it properly. (And if you need a lullaby to go with that, here is a traditional Finnish lullaby.)

Now that you’ve experienced an armchair traveling vacation…

…how can you design one of your own?

  • What vacation photos can you muse over with the Lord?
  • What blessings did God lavish you with on the trip those photos represent?
  • What adventures did you experience, and did you keep a travel journal? (I find my grandmother’s diary of her trip around the world fascinating. Could your journal be one of the legacy items you leave for your family?
  • How have you changed and grown since those photos were taken?
  • How did you experience Jesus as a companion on that vacation?

Thank you for becoming an armchair traveler with Susan’s Amazing Travel Tours today. I hope you enjoyed your trip. 😉



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