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autumn of life questions

10 Questions to Ask Yourself in the Autumn of Your Life

Autumn, my favorite time of year, but this year it signals more than ever the changing seasons in my own life.

It seems but a few months ago that I celebrated the holidays. Now they’re almost here again…



Where did the time go? What did I do with that time?

I wonder how many more autumns I’ll get to see, and how many family get-togethers are in my earthly future?

And, of course, I think about where am I in relation to God’s timetable on going Home.

Perhaps these musings are gloomy, but I doubt I’m the only woman thinking them.

I do know they’re a launching pad for the more critical questions of being present to what is really important to me … and to God.

I’m transitioning into one of the later seasons of living, the one where you begin to think about what really counts.

And since I rarely go on new adventures alone, I thought I’d share my questions for you to ponder too.

10 questions to ask yourself in the autumn of your life

1. Am I spending my time in a way that really matters to me?

2. What do I want to change in my relationships, and how can I help that happen?

3. Am I feeling obligated to do things that really need to be removed from my “should” list? How do I get rid of my “should” list?

4. What kind of woman do I want to become before I meet Jesus face to face?

5. What isn’t working in my life right now, even though it might have in the past?

6. What situation or activity no longer brings me peace or joy?

7. If something no longer brings me joy, how can I explore different solutions or activities, or change my perspective to see the situation differently?

8. What do I long for during this season of my life?

9. What will bring me soul peace and a sense of rest and contentment?

10. If I want to grab everything God has for me during this season, what do I have to let go of to allow what I want into my life?

These are tough questions to answer truthfully.

But based on your answers, you can let go of some dreams and activities to make space to embraced new ones.

Honestly, time doesn’t hold the volume it once did

So much used to fit into a day.

Now … not so much.

These gorgeous, golden leaves of autumn are symbolic of a fading life, a beautiful present, and the assuredly of a magnificent winter.

In other words, honor your past, look forward to your future. But LIVE in the present.

What questions do you need to ask and answer for yourself to make the most of the autumn of your life?



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This Post Has 5 Comments

  1. Lillian Penner

    May I borrow this blog? I think it would work well with my grandparent audience.

    1. Susan Gaddis

      I appreciate your interest in sharing this post, Lillian. Since it is one of the chapters in a new book I’m writing, you won’t be able to copy and post it, but you can share the link, https://susangaddis.net/2019/10/autumn-of-your-life/, with your grandparenting audience on social media or in an email/newsletter for them to click through and read it on my website blog. Sharing it as a link would be wonderful! 🙂

  2. Moira Smith

    Dear Susan…..great questions to ask myself, even tho I’m sure they’ve been buzzing around in my head somewhere! I think I finally have to face the fact that I actually AM in the Autumn of my life….how can I think otherwise when I’ll be 80 this month!!!???
    I think I’m still in denial, even if the mirror is definitely arguing with me every day!

    I think I’m afraid that if I actually confess that I’m getting old, then I’ll give up and start THINKING & LIVING like an old person….and that scares me spitless…

    It’s time to have a heart to heart with myself, face reality, move into this next exciting stage in my life, and start rejoicing in the wonder and beauty of old age!!

    Again, I think these thoughts have been buzzing around in my head and heart for a while, but I haven’t been able to put them in writing, or even face them…

    You have helped me do that Susan…THANK YOU!!

    With Love and Holy HUGs.
    Moira xx

    1. Susan Gaddis

      I’m so glad you found this post relatable and helpful, Moira. And, my dear, you are one of the most life-giving people I know, especially at almost 80! I can’t imagine you ever-growing old in spirit, regardless of what the mirror says.
      Hugs back to ya,

      1. moira smith

        THANK YOU so much for your encouragement Susan!!!! The truth is, I was given a Word by my first leader in YWAM, in Germany in the mid 70’s…..that God had given me a youthful spirit…. boy, has that ever proved to be true!!!!
        Thank you for confirming 🙂

        I don’t always respond to your Blogs, but I do read them!!!

        Thank you for your wonderful ministry to us, which is not only encouraging and challenging, but fun too!!!

        Love, Moira xx

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