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Korcula, Croatia beach

Facing fear and winning

Have you ever talked yourself out of a once-in-a-lifetime, amazingly fun day because of fear? Especially since you’re not young anymore?

Tom and I had driven around the island of Korcula, Croatia, exploring villages and beaches. Particularly the beaches as we planned to spend the next day enjoying the crystal clear waters.

Pupnatska Luka won our hearts but it was located down a VERY narrow one lane, cliffside dirt road leading to a small, tight, carved-out-of-the-cliff area deemed “parking.”

Driving the road proved difficult and scary. Meeting another car meant you had to find a place to pull over along the cliff side to let the car pass. NOT EASY … or safe.

THEN you had to climb down about 100 steps on an extremely dangerous cliff path to get to the beach below.

We didn’t even try the steep hike down to the beach. It was just too much.

Thinking the next day, which was our Saturday beach day, would be even more packed with tourists, I tried to put this “one of the top ten beaches to visit in the world” out of my mind.

But I really didn’t want to miss this chance to snorkel in its waters.

Facing fear on Pupnatska Luka - a Korcula, Croatian beach
Pupnatska Luka – a Korcula, Croatian beach

My practical brain kept the dangers forefront in my imagination. I pictured the back tires of our car slipping off the road and pulling us into the depths below.

OR me slipping off one of the steep, slippery steps leading down to the beach. I knew going down was probably easier than climbing back up with all my beach gear.

No, it really wasn’t wise, practical, or necessary to go to that beach. I could live without the experience.

Facing fear and winning

I woke up the next morning realizing that, yes, I was old, but dang it, I wasn’t going to allow fear to dictate what I did with my day. Live or die, I was going to hang out at that beach!

Surprisingly, the scary cliff-road held no traffic, the beach was pretty much deserted, and I had a fantastic Saturday exploring waters where you could see the pebbles 30 feet below. And I finished a vacation novel.

Snorkeling in Croatia.

Incredible memories were made because I faced my fear, argued it to the mat, and DID precisely what my fear was telling me NOT to do.

So, I’m asking: What fear are you facing that holds you back from new adventures?

Let me know in the comments below. 🙂

Hugs, Susan

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This Post Has 10 Comments

  1. I love this post so much and can easily picture it. I’m a fan of snorkeling and am in a season where I’m pushed beyond my comfort zone into new adventures. Thanks for the nudge here!

    1. Susan Gaddis

      Nudges freely given, Elizabeth. 🙂 I am constantly in need of them myself. So here’s to new adventures, right?

  2. Jill Bowler

    Thank you, Susan! I think I needed that too! Yes, I let fear dictate things “because I’m old” or because it is what is expected of me. So, definitely here’s to new adventure!
    Most of my hesitation comes from fearing that I will make someone angry if I live life the way I want. Or that someone else will not approve of my choices. It’s not that I want to do bad or wrong things, just different than what’s in the comfort zone. . .you know, daring. . .like your beautiful beach! Thanks!

    1. Susan Gaddis

      Your comment warmed my heart, Jill. May we be known as old, fearless, and doing the unexpected. I’m excited for you! Go for it, girl. 🙂

  3. Gayle Moody

    What a beautiful beach! So glad you faced your fear and won! It’s really important for us to do that, especially as we get older! Life is too short to be afraid.

    1. Susan Gaddis

      Totally, Gayle! Life is too short to let fear influence us.

  4. Diane Carroll

    Your photos are amazing! Soo Beautiful!!!! And all to yourself :). Thank you for sharing Susan. I am taking my old out of shape body paddle boarding this weekend when we go camping, I am not going to let those extra pounds stop me or the wildlife 🙂 Last time a sea lion almost chased us

    1. Susan Gaddis

      Wow, Diane… a sea lion! What a story and what a rush. Enjoy the camping and the paddle boarding cuz you ain’t old, you’re experienced!

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