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Accepting your aging body isn't always easy. But there are reasons you should celebrate your body as it grows older. Here is why...

Why I won’t run naked down the driveway

I couldn’t stop laughing. The unexpected encounter made my day.

Tom and I had decided to take a walk along our long, country driveway.

On this particular evening, we had our son, Daniel, and his 5-year-old son, Kaius, spending the night. They’d stayed behind to get ready for bed.

Walking with us was our oldest son, David, and his 2-year-old son, Atlas. They’d stopped by for a short visit.

We walked. And talked. And watched Atlas throw orange balls for our Boston Terriers to chase.

You know… a perfect evening with some of our kids.


…we heard a shout and spun around to see Kaius racing down the driveway to join us—dressed only in his green, flashing tennis shoes.

It was quite a sight as his hair was still wet from his bath, and his giggles were dancing faster than his feet.

Kai didn’t care. He knew he was a little boy who could run around naked in front of his family.

Freedom and nakedness. Quite a combination.

He was so vulnerable and accepting of his body and his age.

Being comfortable and free in our aging body is something we all want, isn’t it?

BECAUSE our aging bodies don’t always look or feel as grand as they once did.

My toenails are getting weird. Twisted and thick.

BUT I still wear sandals.

Some bones ache more than I’d like, and body parts sag that used to be firm.

BUT they are MY aches and MY sags. I’ve earned them.

My hair is thinner, which is excellent for my legs and underarms (less shaving), but not so lovely for my head.

AND my stylist is helping me transition my head of dimming red hair into gray without a lot of trauma.

BUT I know it is only going to get worse

This body was designed for a limited amount of wear.

It has an expiration date.

So does yours.

Our replacement bodies are already on order and will never wear out.

I’m looking forward to mine to:

  • Never have to think about my weight, vitamins, or medication
  • Having wrinkle-free skin
  • Running without muscle or joint pain
  • Laughing without leaking

So why don’t we celebrate our aging body…

…the body that has housed our spirit and soul for so many years?

Born our babies and hugged our elders?

Shed tears of sorrow and of joy?

Baked goodies for potlucks and cleaned the house?

Survived sickness and things much worse?

It’s good to celebrate God’s gift of our body … even as it wears down.

So my challenge for you this week is to celebrate your body in a way that says to yourself, your family and God that your aging body is GOOD.

And you are PROUD of it.

Because God is.

And, NO, I’m not going to celebrate by running naked down our long, country driveway letting what hair I have left blow in the wind.

I wouldn’t want to traumatize the wildlife. Or the neighbors.

I’ll celebrate my aging body with a pedicure and new sandals.

So what about you?

We’re in this aging together, right?

I’d love to hear how you want to celebrate. Will you:

  • Post a photo of yourself on social media with the caption, “Over 50 and proud of it!”?
  • Buy a new bathing suit, lipstick, or outfit?
  • Meet a friend for lunch and talk about how fashion has changed over the years?
  • Hike a new trail or go star gazing at midnight?

Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.



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This Post Has 8 Comments

  1. Susan Zollmann

    I love to celebrate by signing “This Ole House” along with Bette Midler on YouTube <3

    1. Susan Gaddis

      I LOVE Bette Midler and that song, Susan. Great way to celebrate. 🙂

  2. Jill

    Oh Susan!! This just made me giggle (and I especially need that today)!! Yes, my body is not as dandy as it used to be but it gets me where I need to be and do – like an old but reliable car that has about had the wheels run off it.

    Thanks for sharing this and reminding me that I need to celebrate the wonderful life this old body has helped me to achieve. 🙂

    1. Susan Gaddis

      So happy you enjoyed it, Jill. And, hey, I wore out my old car and I intend to do this with this body too. 🙂

  3. Sue

    This was such a good read! Reminds me of an incident with my grandson as well! Made me laugh with the joy of memories!
    My old bod just ain’t what it used to be either….but I’m a Classic…not another bod like mine! 😉

    1. Susan Gaddis

      “I’m a Classic…” YES! Me too, Sue. Part of the joy of aging is memories that bring laughter. We’ve had time to stockpile a lot of them. 🙂

  4. Kimberly Dameron

    A really encouraging message. Nice to know we’re not alone in this aging thing and can relate to others feeling the same way. You always seem to put my thoughts into words, it’s amazing! Keep smiling and looking up is how I’m coping with it. Hugs to you:)

    1. Susan Gaddis

      Oh my yes, Kimberly, we aren’t alone. So glad you could relate to the post. And I like your way of celebrating… “keep smiling and looking up.” So positive and a good reminder to all of us that a choice to smile can change our attitudes sometimes. Thanks for stopping by.

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