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When Pain Threatens to Mess Up Your Life

You’ve aged.

Your body has changed.

You trip over the rug, snore louder than the train rolling past your home, and you forget essential information far more than you care to admit.

You discover that a task that was once easy-peasy is now one you avoid.

Joints complain.

Muscles freeze up.

Sickness, disabilities, and unknown sources of pain can lay waste the best plans you’ve had for your autumn season of life.

Such things become a regular topic of conversation with your friends and often dominate your life.

Aging isn’t for the faint of heart or soul.

It takes courage to grow old. Especially when faced with chronic pain.

But here’s the catch: your family and friends are watching you.

They’re deciding if they want to follow your example of being a Christ follower during times of suffering pain.

How to make SURE that they see Christ in you in spite of the pain

1. Decide what kind of person you want to be while enduring suffering

  • Do you want to be a woman who whines, is crabby, or complains a lot?
  • Or a woman who is trusting God to walk with her through the suffering as she refuses to whine, complain, or be crabby.

2. Research with your doctor what is causing your pain

Don’t hesitate to get a second opinion if you feel you need more information.

Follow the doctor’s directions for handling your pain and the source of your pain.

3. Ask for help

This is a season where you get to learn to let others help you. You needed lots of help as a child, and you’ll need lots of help as you progress through your autumn years. Get used to it.

As an older woman who has been in the process of cleaning, packing, selling a home, and moving, I’ve battled back pain for months.

I still think I can do things I shouldn’t. So my body revolts and pain results.

I’m learning to ask for help for simple things like cleaning the bathroom or lifting groceries.

Humbling, yes. But that’s part of the point, isn’t it? Learning to let go of my pride and let others carry me.

Don’t whine or complain when you ask for help. Just explain to someone what you need to be done and why it would be helpful.

4. Learn how to be a partaker of Christ’s suffering.

This is one way to learn to appreciate the price He paid for your companionship.

I’m NOT saying to neglect praying for healing. But between the praying and the answered prayer, don’t waste the suffering!

5. Look for the promises in the Word for this season of pain.

Believe those promises. Pray them. Trust in God to answer what He has promised you.

For example, when I had colon cancer, I put together a whole stack of index flip-cards with the promises God gave me for that part of my autumn journey. I prayed them every morning and before sleeping at night.

God is writing a book of remembrance about you!

Consider this book His bragging book.

He loves to record the conversations where you talk with Him or about Him to others.

You want this book to be full of awesome memories, so…

…DO all of the above 5 tips!

When you do, you decide what kind of walking epistle you will be to your family and friends.

You are choosing to grow more like Christ.

You’re facing adversity as a woman determined to use it as a springboard into deeper faith and trust in the Lord.

Those you love are learning how to face pain challenges by watching what you do and say. AND what you don’t do and say.

And God’s book of remembrance of your life will sparkle with all kinds of stories that God can brag about.

There should be only one Lord of your life, and it isn’t pain.

SO… face your pain and refuse to let it rule your life!


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