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The day I forgot where I put God

I had an unusual experience the other day. I forgot where I set God.

It was a crazy, mental image that planted itself in my brain.

In my mind’s eye, I saw myself in an argument with someone that I’d just had an unpleasant conversation with.

The person had been a jerk.

(Sorry Mom. I know I’m not suppose to call anyone a jerk. But he was.)

I desperately cried out to God.

But God was missing in action

He wasn’t where He was supposed to be—with me—even in my memory of the conversation.

And then I realized that I had set Him on the back-burner of my mind when I mentally engaged with this person again in my imagination.

(You know what I mean. You rehash negative conversations and quickly spiral downhill emotionally.)

Psalm 16:8 says:

I have set the Lord always before me;

because He is at my right hand, I will not be shaken.

God and I are to be face to face, eyeball to eyeball.

When we’re not, life gets shaky.

That shaky feeling isn’t uncommon

Life throws you a curveball. It could be an unpleasant conversation or a difficult situation.

Taken by surprise, you shake inside.

You tremble internally—in your thoughts and emotions.

Sometimes it is more of a slow-growing, yucky feeling as you stir your emotions and thoughts with negativity.

Whether you’re shaken or stirred, it messes with your soul peace and ruins your day.

God’s peace and your strong warrior woman identity take an immediate leave of absence.

The key to being unshakeable

Your key is called “setting” and “holding.”

You have a daily choice of where to SET the Lord: before you, behind you, or on the side shelf in your mind.

If you set Him before you, His hand is very close to you—ready to grab and HOLD your right hand. Which, in Bible lingo, is the place where your strength is strongest.

And, hey, you know that when you’re shaken, you ain’t moving in God’s strength!

To restore your soul peace and warrior woman strength, you need to set the Lord before you and hold onto Him. Tightly.

Go ahead

Try it:

  • Set the Lord before you and look Him in the eye. (Use your sanctified imagination, sweetie.)
  • Hold that gaze.
  • Now use your right hand to mentally grab onto His right hand.
  • Listen to whatever input He wants to give you.
  • Deep breath. You’re good. Now, move forward in His strength and conquer your world.

THAT’S how you become unshakeable.

If you’d like a few other tips on becoming unshakeable, check out What to do when your world falls apart or How to deal with doom, gloom, and dread of the enemy.

It will do your soul good.



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  1. Mary

    Thank you Susan for this timely word!! I have my Hope anchored today in the unshakeable love of Jesus!! Keeping Him before me today!!

  2. Cheryl Mckinney

    This was awesome Sue thank you for sharing and a lot of ideas for the beginning of this year thank you hugs Cheryl

  3. Susan Gaddis

    You are welcome, Cheryl. Glad you found it helpful. 🙂

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