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God’s cure for sleepless nights

Sleepless nights are not my friend. After having six kids, scattered over 16 years, I thought the years of little sleep would be over when my babies learned to sleep through the night.

All too soon those babies became teenagers and stayed out late with their friends, which is one of the leading causes of midnight mother-worry.

Now that those kids have all grown up and moved out of the house, I still wake up sometimes at 1:30 or 3:00 in the morning! (And I sware it’s not out of habit.)

What if there was a cure for sleepless nights?

Something that would enlarge your soul AND ward off Alzheimer’s at the same time?

Well, there is. You’ll find it in Psalm 63:6.

When I remember You on my bed, I meditate and thoughtfully focus on You in the night watches (AMP).

NOW, I know that you already use the night watches, those sleepless middle-of-the-night times, to pray. You’re watching in the spirit and praying for whatever the Holy Spirit brings to your attention.

You also probably muse over the various Scriptures you’ve memorized (Psalm 1:2 and Psalm 119:148 ).

And if you blew it that day, you also repent of that sin (Psalm 4:4).


Isn’t it interesting that Psalm 63:6 ALSO calls us to “remember” the Lord… like in remembering all the good things He has done in your life, the miracles, answered prayer, and fulfilled promises.


When you remember these past events, they form pictures in your mind—they aren’t just words. These pictures create pathways in your brain and spirit that, over time, run deep.

My Grandma Bessie died in her mid-90s. She had suffered from dementia for many years.

When we’d visit, she didn’t know who we were. Even if we told her our names, she didn’t remember them two minutes later. This broke my dad’s heart, as he loved his mother dearly. For her to forget him was very traumatic.

When we entered the eldercare home where she lived, we’d usually find her witnessing to another elderly person… praying with them, sharing Scripture with them, singing the old hymns, and, of course, sharing her memories of what God had done in her life.

Her mind was VERY CLEAR on the God part of her life! She hadn’t forgotten any of it.


Whether you’re awake at night worrying or meditating in His word and praying, spend some time remembering the specific God-events in your life. Remember how He answered prayer, blessed you unexpectedly, and where you found deep contentment in His presence.

Let those memories cement mental pictures in your head. It will grow your faith and comfort your soul.

And when you’re old and other memories start to go, the God part of your life won’t!

Let’s grow old in God together, shall we? I may not remember your name or mine, but I’ll be happy to share my God stories with you.



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  1. Beverly A Lyons

    I bless the Lord and I am grateful for my “daily bread” given in this wonderful reminderto “muse” over the goodness and tender mercies of the Lord during the nights of being awake while others are sleeping!
    Thank you, Susan and my prayer for you is that the continued blessing of the Lord be abundant with “fresh oil”

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