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You are incredible. Don’t forget it.

You stopped counting how many holiday dishes you’ve cooked through the years.

The dishes you’ve washed after the feast are up in the millions.

The house? Oh yes, you’ve cleaned until your nails looked ratty.

And most of the time, you’ve loved every minute of cooking, cleaning, and washing dishes.

Because the people you care about are represented in the sweat of the work.

Will they say, “Thank you?”

Sometimes. Hopefully.

But, if not, you’ll still shine on the inside.

You’re wired that way. To give, nurture, and care for the people God has given you.

You are incredible

You hope everyone will get along this year. No embarrassing comments or inappropriate questions. No arguing or wounded feelings.

You’ll give grace when those things happen and pray that others do too.

Because you’ve had grace given to you when you’ve been a jerk. So if a little jerkiness seeps into the holiday, you know how to smooth the ruffled feathers.

You may be getting older. The bones may crack a little more, and the tiredness hangs on longer than it used to after the day has ended.

But it’s part of celebrating family and friendships.

And you’re thankful that you have this year to celebrate.

You go, girl! You are incredible!



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