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Do You Accept the Paving the Way Challenge?

Whoo hoo! Hot apple pie and ice cream!

Can you believe it? Your kids have grown up. Wasn’t it yesterday that they were starting kindergarten? Where did the time go!?

Crazy, right?

But some kids leave home and never seem to connect with God. Whatever relationship they may have had with the Lord is stored away with their yearbooks and childhood memories.

Your heart longs to see them sharing their lives with Jesus, but it ain’t happenin’. As far as you can tell, that’s not changing anytime soon.

And that’s exactly why I’m thrilled to launch a new 5-day Challenge for you called Paving the Way: 5 Ways to Attract Your Grown Kids to Jesus

…complete with surprises and prizes.

On Monday we’re starting off the Challenge on Day 1 of Paving the Way.

I invite you to join me by clicking here: https://lounge.susangaddis.net/paving-way-invitation/

… Of course, you might be thinking to yourself “Hey, I’m already halfway through this mini-course!”

Awesome! If you’ve completed the challenge or are part way through, you’re in good company. I’ve completed the material in the challenge before too. Lots of times.

But here’s the thing: every time I go over the material again, I see new breakthroughs in myself and the lives of my family who aren’t walking with Christ.

So, if you’re already registered in this 5-day mini-course, just jump into our Paving the Way Facebook group every day during the LIVE challenge, post any homework activity you haven’t posted yet and encourage those going through it for the first time.

I’ll be right there in the group posting on Facebook LIVE each day to answer questions and encourage you.

On Saturday morning, July 22nd, I’ll draw 3 names out of a hat holding the names of all participants.Two fantastic prizes will be given away, and an ultimate contest winner will be chosen. Check out the details here.

See you Monday!



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