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How to Throw a Great Pity Party

Just thinking about you and wanted to encourage you that it’s OK to have a pity party sometimes.

It’s normal. You’re human. And you probably need to blow off steam.

It could be you’ve got a bad cold, a sink full of dirty dishes, and three piles of laundry sitting on your couch. And Legos all over the floor. (Legos + feet … not a good combination.)

Or maybe your husband didn’t like the amazing meal you cooked for him.

Or maybe your son or daughter forgot to call on Mother’s Day.

Whatever the reason, go ahead and celebrate your gloom with a pity party.

Everyone needs to be an Eeyore at times.

And do be careful your pity party isn’t too long.

It’s bad for your soul to marinate in pity.

Plus, if you aren’t careful about whom you invite to your pity party, you might contaminate them with the pity virus. Not healthy.

Except for Jesus. Invite Him.

He can handle it. Jesus marinates in a lot of people’s pity and then pulls them out.

He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand (Psalm 49:2 NIV).

After the Lord lifts you out of your pity, He’ll help you to stand on a Scripture promise, the safest place to stand.

Stand against the negativity, the depression, and the pity. Pray the promises.

Then begin to practice thankfulness.

Find any little thing that catches your eye and thank God for it.

  • Light shining through tree leaves
  • A giggle from a child
  • The soap in your soap dish
  • A floor beneath your feet
  • The Bible you left sitting someplace

Make a long list. Plan to fill several notebooks over the coming days.

Don’t rush. Just write a few words.

Nothing elaborate, just a list.

Now, don’t you have some clothes waiting to be folded? Some Legos to pick up?  Some sorrow that needs the Comforter?

Know that the God who has given you so many things to be thankful for has always been at your side.

You’ll make it. Tomorrow He has a new bundle of mercy for you.

Now go and refuse to let a pity party define your day. You’re going to have an outstanding day.



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