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When I was an awkward, chubby little girl, I loved to sneak away and play with my cousins in Grandma’s huge, old barn near our house.

We weren’t supposed to play in there, but with all the hay bales, ropes hanging from the rafters, and chickens with eggs just waiting to be used as weapons, how could we resist?

I distinctly remember my Aunt Nancy barging into our game of chicken war one Saturday afternoon.

She was super mad at her girls.

They were all dressed up for a wedding that now they were going to miss. I guess the eggs and hay all over their fancy clothes was a problem.

On hot summer days, we headed for the large cattle troughs for impromptu swimming.

I’m sure it was unhealthy as the water was a deep, dark green and probably contaminated with animal drool and other ugly stuff.

But the water was cold and had pollywogs. That was all that mattered.

So often life seems to drain the adventure of childhood out of us

That’s happened to me off and on during my whole adult life.

About 10 years before we retired from full time ministry, I felt drained when friends unfriended me, my dad died, and life was rough.

Laughter and fun were things that eluded me.

I had to fight every day for the joy of the Lord to sustain me.

Though, honestly, sometimes it was ice cream that sustained me.

I knew that difficult time in my life would end.

And it did.

But going through it was rough. 

What if...

What if I had given up during those years?

What if I hadn’t grabbed on as hard as I could to the Lord’s hand every single day?

What if I hadn’t had a prayer partner who held me accountable to choose love instead of offense?

What if I hadn’t known that life would eventually turn right side up because God is good that way?

A crabby old lady who is pointing her skinny finger at you.

I'd be a crabby old lady, that's what!

What kind of legacy is that?

Not the kind I wanted.

Not the kind you want … not at all.

Your life isn’t over yet.

Choose wisely.

Avoid the crabby old lady choices.

Fight for the joy. Throw some ice cream into the mix.

You’ve got eternity future before you. Live like it matters.

Because it does.

Thanks for being a part of my journey and letting me share yours.



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  1. Heather

    I love this! You are awesome!

  2. Susan Gaddis

    Me too, Debbie. Though I tend to make my own sugar free kind now. Getting old doesn’t always mix well with sugar. 🙂

  3. Kathie Mell

    It’s always uplifting to read your posts, dear Susan!! Thanks for sharing

  4. Jennifer

    I’m so glad and thankful I ‘stumbled’ upon your blog! I’ve read several of them this morning and am taking notes to refer back to in my journal! Thank you for your encouragement in the Lord!

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