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5 Surprising Benefits of Creating a Blessing

Wouldn’t you like to change the negative atmosphere that surrounds us these days? Or lift the heart of one who feels like the scum of the earth? Or see destiny rest upon the life of someone you love? And, hey, what about knowing that your kids and grandkids are safely covered in God’s protection?

Yep, I’m talking about the incredible power of a blessing.

Creating a blessing isn’t hard, but it will require your heart, a little reflection, and an understanding of how God’s power works through a blessing.

A blessing is a piece of God’s heart given to another, but first, it has to pass through your heart. Processing a little of your relationship with the person God’s asking you to bless, whether that relationship is good or bad, begins a supernatural work in you. Once the blessing is passed on to the recipient, the power of the blessing continues to work—in their heart.

Here are 5 surprising benefits of creating a blessing:

1.    When a blessing is spoken or given, the receiver’s heart is more open to a God connection even if he or she is unaware of the blessing.

This is especially true with Scripture blessings, as God’s Word carries power with it that is beyond our understanding.

Your words of blessing impact the spirit realm, which influences the atmosphere around the person’s heart and begins to soften any walls of resistance to God.

2.   Blessing your enemies counters negative things that may have been spoken or done against you.

In this situation, creating a blessing is an act of spiritual warfare and a shield of protection around you, as well as crumbling some walls that keep God at an arm’s distance in the lives of your enemies.

3.   Becoming a blesser changes YOU. You can’t bless and hate at the same time. Since God is love and the ultimate blesser, the more you bless others, the more you are changed into God’s image.

Your thinking begins to change. Your actions and reactions begin to change. Pretty soon people take notice. But most of all, you notice. And so does Jesus.

4.   A well-crafted blessing affirms God’s love and sets destiny in motion.

A blessing can confirm or guide the direction a person is seeking for their lives. Woven within the words are God’s love and favor for their future.

5.   Blessing others creates new pathways in their brains.

Repeatedly speaking a blessing over someone who believes they have little worth or value changes the way the person thinks about himself.

God’s truth replaces false beliefs in the soul because a blessing contains God’s embrace and His power.

I’m sure you can think of several people who need to know that they are loved beyond measure.

Yes, I know. Saying, “God bless you,” over and over seems odd.

So get creative!

Join me for 5 Days of Blessings and learn how to craft five different kinds of blessings:

  • Social Media Blessing
  • Value Blessing
  • Memory Blessing
  • Scripture blessing
  • Blessing Prayer

Totally free and wrapped up in a nice little package to go with your morning coffee.

The fun starts Now!

Here’s what some of the graduates have to say about experiencing 5 Days of Blessings:

The 5 Days of Blessings mini-course gave me something more to say to people beyond “I hope your day goes well. I’ve been praying for you.” I now have a LOT to say when I want to write a quick message to someone! – Michelle Hopkins, Arroyo Grande, California

Though the 5 Days of Blessings mini-course I learned that I CAN write amazing blessings for any occasion even though I’m not a writer. My favorite part of this course was seeing the finished product of my writing and being able to bless another person with it. – Karen Hamann

My favorite part of this challenge was the peace and satisfaction I felt after delivering each blessing—knowing that I had created something original and meaningful. – Jeanette Morris, Atascadero, California

I used to say that I wasn’t a creative person. Using the simple steps in each day’s challenge allowed me to compile meaningful blessings for loved ones and anyone God directed me to bless. I never thought I could stop and create blessings, turning them into tools of encouragement, prayer, and even passing on personal values in my blessings! – Beverly A. Lyons, Asbury, New Jersey

So, tell me again… why are you not creating some awesome blessings to give those God has placed in your life?

Get yourself on over to 5 Days of Blessings and find out how easy it is! (And invite a friend to share the fun!)



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