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You know that really wild idea I had? Well…

Ya know how sometimes you get a really wild idea, and you want to share it with someone?

Not me, I usually do FAR more than share. I draaaag as many people as I can along with me on whatever my latest adventure is going to be.

I figure if I’m going to do something daring and outside of my comfort zone, why not have friends there to enjoy the fun with me!

Here’s how that looked last year … and how you can come along this time:

Last fall I had the pleasure of spending time with ten amazing women as we each created a book of our personal God stories.

The oldest among us was in her 90s … did you get that… IN HER 90s!!! (Viola, you’re my hero!)

…and the youngest was in her 40s.

Some had walked with Jesus many years, others only a few.

And boy did they have STORIES!

Every week we shared stories, laughed together, sometimes cried, always prayed and cheered each other on.

It ended up being one of those adventures you never want to end.

Although I coached the group through the process, I worked right along with them, creating a Shutterfly book complete with my stories and crazy old photos to give each of my six kids for Christmas.

Of course, I made sure I ordered enough copies when Shutterfly had one of its many 50% off sales.

I had plenty of time to get them all wrapped before the busy weeks of the holiday season arrived.

The reaction from my kids as they each opened their gift?

They were thrillllled.

How often do kids receive a book full of stories about their mom and dad? Or grandkids about Grandpa and Grandma?

Some of the stories were old favorites that have been shared around the dinner table for years, and others never heard before.

All were stories that communicated mine and Tom’s faith and values.

You know… those things that you really want to be said before you’re gone.

Or before your mind goes.

Not everyone in the course designed a book with Shutterfly.

Some used Kindle for an eBook or Amazon’s CreateSpace for a paperback book. It didn’t matter.

What mattered was the stories.

Your stories matter too.

That’s why I’m opening this course up again, and I’m inviting you to be a part of it.

I’m keeping the group small, so everyone feels they are getting the personal help and attention they need.

Plus, the video lessons are short with only one simple task to be done in each lesson. Easy peasy.

The course is designed to be done in six weeks…

…but of course, you can take as long as you want. (Once you’re in the course, you’re IN… so go at your own pace if you like.)

I’ll be there for you each step of the way.

If this sounds like something you’d like to do, you can check out all the details HERE.

I’ll be working right along with you… creating another book in my Legacy series for Christmas giving this year.

Care to join me for Canning a LIFETIME of Story? I’d love to have you.


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