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Let’s have a Christmas Hot Chocolate Date

A Christmas Hot Chocolate Date fills the need you have to slow down and enjoy this special season with someone you love. (Think spouse, an adult child you’ve been meaning to catch up with, a grandchild who needs a grandma hug, or a special friend.)

It’s totally free. Except for the hot cocoa, which you can make yourself.

And if there is no someone special close by, consider:

  • Sending a mug with a packet of hot cocoa in it to your “date” with a note to connect over FaceTime or Skype and enjoy your cocoa together.
  • Grab your current devotional book and Bible and find a quiet corner to enjoy your hot cocoa date with Jesus.

Tips for a cozy Christmas hot chocolate date:

1. Set aside enough time to make this date worthwhile. Don’t get into the mode of “fitting it in” between other busy Christmas activities. You want this to be a date where you can linger.

2.  Find out what your date is stressing about, needing this Christmas, or their latest passion in life. Then listen and love on them with encouragement.

3. Create a cozy atmosphere in your home with candles, a warm fire (if you have a fireplace), Christmas music to fit the mood, Christmas cookies to go with the cocoa, and, of course, some outstandingly good cocoa.

4. Don’t rush the experience. Make a memory. Consider the time spent as an investment in your legacy.

5. If your cocoa date is with a child (or two or three), include a simple Christmas craft to do. Sometimes children get wiggly after a few minutes of talking. Including something to do with their hands as you encourage conversation settles the wiggles down.

That’s it! Totally simple planning. Big reward.

Enjoy the season,


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