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Celebrate a win and make God proud

You know that joy you experience when you have a win? When the project you’ve worked so hard on is a huge success?

Or when one of your kids or friends successfully follow through on some advice you give them? Their win makes you proud. Their win becomes your win.

When I look back in the rearview mirror at 2016, I want to see wins. Even in the struggles.

When you experience a win in your life, it’s a reflection of the grace of God moving through you. Yes, it’s your accomplishment, but you couldn’t have done it without His power in you. We call that grace.

To celebrate a win is to share God’s glory—enjoying the work He has done through you—knowing you have brought Him pleasure.

Your win could be a restored relationship, a measure of growth in an area of your life you’ve struggled with for years, the accomplishment of a new skill, a missions trip that impacted your faith, or the help you gave a friend.

Whatever it is, it deserves to be celebrated.

Celebrate a win

For example, when I look back over this last year of blogging, some of my blog posts are wins for me. People wrote me emails that let me know how much my words impacted their life.

That’s God’s grace using the gifts He’s given me to make someone’s day. That’s something I can celebrate.

By mentioning the posts, I’m honoring the One who gives me inspiration.

Of course I’m going to celebrate! I’m going out to lunch with two of my writer friends.

And if you’re wondering what some of those blog posts were, here’s 5: (Because I knew you’d ask.)

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What are your wins in 2016?

How are you celebrating them?

Whatever hardships you faced in 2016, God still gave you wins. And I celebrate THAT with you.

Here’s to some awesome wins in 2017. 🙂



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