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I about choked when a few weeks ago I read about the four-year-old little girl abused so badly she had purple bruises all over her malnourished body and dried blood in the corner of her mouth.

When asked her name, she quietly replied, “Idiot.”

That was the only name she knew herself by.

This was evil. Real, ugly, scum-of-the-earth kind of evil. Get me on the jury that convicts those parents!

Physical, emotional, and verbal abuse happens everyday in homes. Most of it unseen. Even in your neighborhood.

Maybe it’s happened to you or someone you love.

Cloudy with a chance of blessings

It took me awhile to realize that when someone tells me their story of abuse, they can’t immediately switch gears and believe the truths God speaks about them.

What they need is a listening ear and constant affirmation of who they are: loved, valued, unique, beautiful, amazing, and adored.

Blessings are one way to do this, because a blessing contains God’s embrace AND His power.

When heard repeatedly, blessings begin to build new pathways in the brain.

It then becomes easier for a person to believe they are valued and loved beyond measure.

That’s the power of God moving through a blessing—the change that happens in the brain and in the heart.

Who needs your blessing?

Children and adults:

  • who’ve missed a father’s or mother’s favor, love, and affirmation
  • who are facing an uncertain future
  • who are celebrating a birthday, graduation, new job, wedding, new baby, new home, retirement, or any other important event
  • who are recovering from illness or loss
  • who need your support and compassion
  • who need God’s protection
  • who need to feel God’s embrace

Even the nations and your enemies need God’s blessings!

A blessing carries power often overlooked when we view a blessing as simply nice words woven together.

For example, a family can speak a blessing over their kids before they leave for school OR grandparents can text a daily blessing to their grandchildren.

This validation of God’s love and care is part of praying a hedge of protection around those you love .

It’s so easy! So, go ahead…make someone’s day!

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